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Social-Anarchism and Parallel Economic Computation
Note: I’ve tried to minimize the math and computation theory to make this more generally readable but where it gets more complex I just wrote (math paragraph) before the paragraph and you can read or skip it and still understand the piece. I’ll open with a potentially contentious take. Most of the decentralized and left-leaning…
Decentralized Economic Coordination: Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom
The calculation problem, as stated by Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek, has been central to most libertarian arguments against non-market or non-price forms of economic coordination. The Misesian variant, argued in Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth and Socialism, is based on the role of factor input pricing in allocating inputs among competing uses….
La Rivoluzione delle Criptovalute è già in Corso
Di Fritz-Anton Fritzson. Originale pubblicato il 31 ottobre 2019 con il titolo The Cryptocurrency Revolution is Already Underway. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Secondo Black Cat, il denaro astatuale comporta un “paradosso”: “potrà essere usato quando lo stato non sarà più lì a bloccarne l’uso, ma non finché lo stato è presente.” E però, come lui…
The Cryptocurrency Revolution is Already Underway
According to Black Cat, money without the state involves a “core paradox” – “it [non-state money] will inevitably be used without the state being there to stop its usage, but it cannot be used while the state is present.” However, as the author also acknowledges, “as people free themselves from the state, moving beyond its…
Review: The People’s Republic of Walmart
Let me begin by saying that I’m glad this book exists. Phillips and Rozworski are upfront about their book not containing any radical new insights into questions of economic planning, but instead they compile arguments made by others in a highly readable format, something that those on the left who argue for economic planning have…
Individualism, Collectivism, and Other Murky Labels
Imagine the following person. He believes all individuals should be free to do anything that’s peaceful and therefore favors private property, free global markets, freedom of contract, civil liberties, and all the related ideas that come under the label libertarianism (or liberalism). Obviously he is not a statist. But is he an individualist and a…
The Anatomy of Escape
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
Free Markets & Capitalism?
Organization Theory
Conscience of an Anarchist