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Why I Am a Left Libertarian
Many libertarians say the traditional Left/Right political spectrum has become meaningless and useless. But to the extent that this is true for them, this is only because they have allowed themselves to be befuddled by political fraud and, perhaps, by a weak background in political history. The spectrum is just as useful and meaningful as…
It’s Official: Reason Has Become a Self-Parody
In a July 10 article at Reason, David Harsanyi (“Bernie Sanders is the Future of the Democratic Party“) describes the rise of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as “a completely predictable outcome of the Democratic Party’s trajectory,” and a portent of the party’s “socialistic future.” I’m more worried about what Harsanyi portends for the future…
Leninismo Corporativo
Dilma Rousseff, durante la campagna elettorale per la presidenza del Brasile, accusò la rivale Marina Silva di voler “svendere ai banchieri” il controllo dell’economia brasiliana. Perché il bluff elettorale funzionasse, gli elettori avrebbero dovuto credere che i banchieri oggi non possono dettare le linee guida della politica economica nazionale. Non ci crede neanche Dilma: Appena…
Corporate Leninism
Dilma Rousseff, in her bid for re-election to the presidency of Brazil, stated that opponent Marina Silva intended to “give away to the bankers” control of the Brazilian economy. Dilma’s electoral bluff assumed that voters would believe that bankers are nowadays unable to dictate the path the national economy should take. Not even Dilma believes this…
The Individualization of Labor Problems
Lysander Spooner wraps up his 1875 pamphlet Vices Are Not Crimes with, [T]he poverty of the great body of mankind, the world over, is the great problem of the world. That such extreme and nearly universal poverty exists all over the world, and has existed through all past generations, proves that it originates in causes which the…
How the Government, Businesses and Unions Blame You for Being Unemployed
Zygmunt Bauman, in Postmodernity and Its Discontents, writes that religion, in its traditional form, used to celebrate human insufficiency. With a path more or less outlined for her entire life, the individual found herself powerless to change the conditions she was inserted in. In contrast to what he considers the “postmodern” condition, of uncertainty, premodern…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Prisons, Deportations and Empire
If you oppose mass incarceration, you should oppose empire. If you oppose imperialism and militarism, you should oppose the prison state. Empire and incarceration are two related institutions of brutal state violence, and they are mutually reinforcing. A new article by my friend Henia Belalia argues that immigrants’ rights should be understood in a context…
Anarchy, According To “The Purge”
A trailer for the sequel to last year’s low-budget dystopian thriller, “The Purge,” was released on Thursday,  February 13, to fanfare about as modest as for the first film. If this trailer is any indication, the plot for “The Purge 2: Anarchy” looks almost note-for-note the same as its predecessor. The setting for both films…
El Neoliberalismo te Rompe las Piernas y te Roba las Muletas
El libertario Harry Browne una vez escribió que el gobierno «sabe cómo romperte las piernas, darte unas muletas y decir “¿Ves? si no fuera por el gobierno, no podrías caminar”». Pero con déficits y recesiones al acecho, los gobiernos han estado volviéndose más tacaños en cuanto a la entrega de muletas. La Cámara de Representantes…
Can EPIL Avoid the Neo-Liberal Trap?
On the 28th of September four European classical-liberal and libertarian parties signed the Utrecht declaration and covenant of European Classical liberal and Libertarian parties which provides the foundation for the new European Party for Individual Liberty (EPIL). The coming years will show if the EPIL can bring a new perspective on the principle of liberty…
Neoliberalism: Breaking Your Legs and Taking Your Crutches
Libertarian Harry Browne famously wrote that government “knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, ‘See, if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk.’” But with deficits and recessions looming, governments have been getting stingier when it comes to handing out crutches. The U.S. House of Representatives recently…
Margaret Thatcher y la Degradación de la “Libertad” en el Discurso de la Derecha
Carson: “Bueno, hasta aquí la publicidad. ¿Cuál es la realidad?”
Margaret Thatcher and the Degradation of “Freedom” in Right-Wing Discourse
Kevin Carson: So much for the hype. What’s the reality?
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Liberalism: What’s Going Right
“Corporate capitalists don’t want free markets, they want dependable profits, and their surest route is to crush the competition by controlling the government.” – RFK, Jr.
El Neoliberalismo: Todos los Impuestos de la Socialdemocracia Sin Ninguno de los Beneficios
Kevin Carson nos advierte sobre lo falaz de las comparaciones simplistas que se hacen entre los sistemas económicos de Estados Unidos y Europa.
Libertarianism and Liberalism: What Went Wrong
The problem with mainstream libertarianism is its almost total departure from its radical roots.
Neoliberalism: All the Taxes of Social Democracy, None of the Fun
Kevin Carson: “…if you call yourself a libertarian, don’t try to kid anybody that the American system is less statist than the German one just because more of the welfare queens wear three-piece suits.”
Sleep in Friday, Attend Small Business Saturday
If you support free markets, orient yourself more locally starting this week by avoiding Black Friday and supporting Small Business Saturday. Distant producers are majorly disadvantaged by unprivileged markets!
Nazi Privatization
Nicholas Hildyard, writing for The Corner House (March 1998), pointed out the phony nature of most of what passes for “privatization” under neoliberalism: While the privatisation of state industries and assets has certainly cut down the direct involvement of the state in the production and distribution of many goods and services, the process has been…
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory