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On “Meritocracy,” Ponzi Schemes, and Fallacies of Composition
Tyler Wright is a Twitter hustlebro whose handle is — predictably enough — @DefiningWealth. His bio is typical of the ilk, who prey on basically the same demographic of gullible young men as Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate: “$0 at 22. $1.5 Million and Retired from Corporate America at 28. Now I help people do…
Pandemia: Lo Stato Cura o Provoca?
Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato il 17 marzo 2020 con il titolo Pandemics: The State as Cure or Cause? Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Leggendo le notizie sulla pandemia di COVID-19 (o coronavirus), è difficile non arrivare alla conclusione che si tratta di una di quelle situazioni emergenziali che non possono essere gestite senza ricorrere a…
Pandemics: The State As Cure or Cause?
Looking at the news on the COVID-19 (or coronavirus) pandemic, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that this is one of those lifeboat situations in which a crisis cannot be managed without a resort to large-scale social coercion. China and South Korea seem to have turned the tide on the pandemic, with a reduced number…
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