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April 15: Funding the Empire
Tax day, April 15th, is a day of celebration in the United States. On this day we citizens of the great republic take pride in the fact that we can come together in a democratic society and make decisions cooperatively with one another. The fruits of our labor, beholden to the IRS, will now be…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 23
Sheldon Richman discusses how Americans can help Ukrainians. David Gordon discusses Gary Chartier’s new book on John Rawls. Norman Solomon discusses the hypocrisy of senator Feinstein. Christopher Brauchl discusses the hypocrisy of senator Feinstein. Patrick Cockburn discusses the conflict between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Cesar Chelala discusses the Syrian civil war’s impact on children. Jacob…
Obama’s Iraqi Fairy Tale
I promised myself that I would no longer comment on what Barack Obama has to say, because it’s just not worth the time and effort. Obama’s public remarks are comprehensible only if you keep one thing in mind: he, like other politicians, thinks most people are morons. I am so appalled by what Obama said in…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Prisons, Deportations and Empire
If you oppose mass incarceration, you should oppose empire. If you oppose imperialism and militarism, you should oppose the prison state. Empire and incarceration are two related institutions of brutal state violence, and they are mutually reinforcing. A new article by my friend Henia Belalia argues that immigrants’ rights should be understood in a context…
Empire On Their Minds
The conflict in Ukraine has prompted several level-headed commentators to point out that, of all governments, the U.S. government is in no position to lecture Russia about respecting other nations’ borders. When Secretary of State John Kerry said on Meet the Press, “This is an act of aggression that is completely trumped up in terms of…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Media Against The Prison State
State violence thrives in the dark. This is why the state secrets privilege is so abused, it’s why the Obama administration has viciously persecuted whistleblowers, and it’s why states benefit from a  media climate where their legitimacy is assumed and radical ideas aren’t heard. So today I want to highlight some people both inside and…
Ucrânia e o legado do imperialismo
Na Crimeia, tropas uniformizadas sem identificação ocuparam aeroportos e tomaram controle da região. Em Moscou, o parlamento chapa branca russo autorizou que o ex-oficial da KGB Vladimir Putin empregasse forças militares na Ucrânia. Em Kiev, capital da Ucrânia, uma insurreição – que não se sabe ainda se é espontânea ou se é composta principalmente de nacionalistas…
Ukraine: The Legacy Of Colonialism
In the Crimea, troops in insignia-free uniforms have seized airports and taken control of the region. In Moscow, Russia’s rubber-stamp parliament has officially authorized former KGB colonel Vladimir Putin to employ the Russian military in Ukraine. In Kiev, capital of Ukraine, an insurrection that may or may not be genuinely spontaneous and may or may…
“World Government” – It’s Not Just For Birchers
Back in the ’90s, the Financial Times referred to the G8 countries and the Washington Consensus they enforced as a “de facto world government.” As if we needed any reminder that such a global corporate regime exists in practice, consider the Trans-Pacific Partnership currently under negotiation. Although in theory the authority of all treaties signed…
John Kerry y el lenguaje orwelliano de la guerra
Obama y Kerry no proponen una guerra. Usarán misiles crucero para masacrar sirios y, si no les gusta la reacción siria, podrían enviar tropas terrestres. Especuladores de la guerra como Raytheon se beneficiarán. Pero el Secretario de Estado insistirá en que no es una guerra. ¿Cuándo una guerra no es una guerra? Según John Kerry,…
Especuladores de la guerra, esclavitud y la hipocresía del imperialismo
En todo el mundo, la gente protesta contra la intervención de EE.UU. en Siria. Los sondeos muestran un escepticismo generalizado ante la amenazante guerra. En lugar de aumentar la seguridad de los estadounidenses, es probable que la intervención apoye a fuerzas vinculadas a al Qaida. No obstante parece inevitable que el Gobierno de EE.UU. lance…
John Kerry and the Orwellian Language of War
When is a war not a war? According to John Kerry, launching cruise missiles at Syria is not a war. Testifying before the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, Kerry said, “President Obama is not asking America to go to war.” Kerry’s argument seems to hinge on the idea that no American ground troops will likely…
War Profiteers, Slavery and the Hypocrisy of Imperialism
Across the world, people are protesting against US intervention in Syria. Polls show widespread skepticism of the impending war. Rather than making Americans safer, intervention is likely to support forces connected to al Qaeda. Yet it still seems inevitable that the US government will launch cruise missiles at Syria, escalating the country’s bloody civil war….
Ei Iraquianos: Como É Que Essa Tal de “Libertação” Está Funcionando Para Vocês?
Carson: O que exatamente “libertação” significa para Rumsfeld – Rummy, Bush – Dummy e Cheney – Scummy pode ser visto a partir do programa que Paul Bremer implementou como chefe da Autoridade Provisória da Coalizção (CPA) no Iraque.
Human Rights Groups Against Human Rights
Goodman: Human rights organizations shouldn’t be in the business of handing out awards, accolades and executive positions to human rights abusers.
Hey Iraqis: How’s that “Liberation” Stuff Workin’ Out For Ya?
Carson: Just what “liberation” meant to Rummy, Dummy and Scummy can be seen from the agenda Paul Bremer implemented as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Iraq.
Nuestra Adaptación a la Conquista
David D’Amato: La guerra es por lo tanto inseparable en la práctica de lo que hemos llegado a identificar como “terrorismo”, ambos términos designan hostilidad injustificable e invasiva contra inocentes.
Our Adjustment to Conquest
David D’Amato: War is thus inseparable in practice from what we have come to identify as “terrorism,” both designating unjustifiable, invasive hostility against innocents.
How Star Wars Should Have Ended: Reflections on Taste, The Expanded Universe & Radical Politics
The most potent and successful component of Star Wars was the taste of reality that suffused its fantastical nature.
The masses have become lazy, fat and stupid
Joe Bageant: The empire needs only about 20-25% of its population at the very most to administrate and perpetuate itself — What happens to the rest?
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory