The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 23

Sheldon Richman discusses how Americans can help Ukrainians.

David Gordon discusses Gary Chartier’s new book on John Rawls.

Norman Solomon discusses the hypocrisy of senator Feinstein.

Christopher Brauchl discusses the hypocrisy of senator Feinstein.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the conflict between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Cesar Chelala discusses the Syrian civil war’s impact on children.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the national security state and Latin America.

Joanne Knight discusses private prisons.

Jesse Walker discusses Reagan and foreign policy.

Sheldon Richman discusses the empire.

Julian Adorney discusses whether liberty is on the rise or not.

Gary M. Galles discusses the difference between the words liberty and freedom.

Silvia Borzutsky reviews a book on Operation Condor.

Uri Avnery discusses political coalitions in Israel.

Henry Clark discusses George H. Smith’s new book.

Bryan Cheang discusses Herbert Spencer and empire.

Gregory Bresiger discusses Robert Taft and isolationism.

Wendy McElroy discusses the prison population of the United States.

Laura Bachmann discusses civil liberties in China.

Maya Schenwar discusses harsh sentencing for gun law violations.

Ron Jacobs discusses islamophobia.

David Mizner discusses the drone strikes.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the implosion of Libya.

John Pilger discusses a U.S. carried out coup.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the War on Terror.

Jeffrey Tucker discusses the uproar over his brutalism article.

Kevin Carson reviews a book on power.

Peter Andreas discusses a book on illicit smuggling.

Bent Larsen beats Bobby Fischer.

Bent Larsen beats Boris Spassky.

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