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Jeffrey Tucker e l’elogio del Saccheggio
Di Tony Dreher. Originale pubblicato il 30 gennaio 2016 con il titolo Jeffrey Tucker’s Praise for Plunder. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. In un recente articolo, pubblicato su FEE con il titolo “Walmart, Pepsi Rescue Flint from Government Failure”, Jeffrey Tucker plaude ai 6,5 milioni di bottiglie d’acqua donati da Walmart, Coca Cola, Pepsi e Nestlé…
Jeffrey Tucker’s Praise for Plunder
In a recent article at FEE, “Walmart, Pepsi Rescue Flint from Government Failure,” Jeffrey Tucker celebrates the generous donation of 6.5 million bottles of water Walmart, Coke, Pepsi, and Nestle have made to the schoolchildren of Flint, Michigan to ameliorate their ongoing water crisis. Tucker takes this contribution as evidence of a general trend: “In…
Smash the State, Eat the Rich
In Why the Rich Tolerate Being Looted Jeffrey Tucker argues the rich today act differently than they used to. They wear common clothing, avoid luxurious houses and cars, and even call for higher taxes on themselves. Tucker explains this new phenomenon by drawing upon an essay by Peter Leeson and says, “Property rights are weak today… The…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 23
Sheldon Richman discusses how Americans can help Ukrainians. David Gordon discusses Gary Chartier’s new book on John Rawls. Norman Solomon discusses the hypocrisy of senator Feinstein. Christopher Brauchl discusses the hypocrisy of senator Feinstein. Patrick Cockburn discusses the conflict between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Cesar Chelala discusses the Syrian civil war’s impact on children. Jacob…
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