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Terremoti e Capitalismo
Originale pubblicato il 6 marzo 2023 con il titolo Earthquakes and Capitalism. Traduzione italiana di Enrico Sanna. La paura e l’ansia indotte da un terremoto sono spesso esasperate dalle sfide della società capitalista, così che l’individuo trova serie difficoltà a cambiare le proprie condizioni di vita o a scegliere un luogo più sicuro in cui…
Gempa bumi dan Kapitalisme
Teks aslinya berjudul “Earthquakes and Capitalism.” Diterjemahkan oleh Iman Amirullah. Ketakutan dan kecemasan akibat gempa bumi dan diperparah oleh berbagai hambatan yang diakibatkan dari tatanan kapitalisme dalam masyarakat, dimana banyak orang kesulitan untuk mengubah kondisi kehidupan mereka untuk menjadi lebih baik atau berpindah ke wilayah yang lebih aman. Ini mencciptakan situasi yang kompleks dan meprihatinkan…
Getting Railroaded by the Capitalist State
The Norfolk Southern disaster in East Palestine has raised numerous issues of corporate malfeasance, and how it is enabled by corporate collusion with the state. Some of that, as we saw in December, is the federal government’s protection of the railroad industry from labor action against its intolerable work hours and lack of sick leave,…
Earthquakes and Capitalism
The fear and anxiety induced by earthquakes are often exacerbated by the challenges posed by capitalist societies, where individuals face significant obstacles in their efforts to modify their living conditions or relocate to safer regions. This creates a complex and concerning situation that demands urgent attention from scholars and policymakers alike.  It’s particularly concerning that…
Disaster Capitalism in Flint
Naomi Klein coined the term “disaster capitalism” to describe what is virtually the only kind of “market reform” that ever takes place in the real world. In the event of collapse or emergency, capitalist elites seize uncontested control of a state and — in collusion with global corporations — force their agenda through without opposition….
Detroit, Disaster Capitalism and the Enclosure of the Water Commons
The “privatization” of local government functions under the state-appointed emergency manager in Detroit is lionized by a lot of right-leaning libertarians as an example of “free market reform.” But it’s a lot more accurate to treat it as flat-out looting — what Naomi Klein calls “disaster capitalism.” The so-called “privatization” of government assets, as it’s…
The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein
Naomi Klein, to a casual reader, might seem to hate the free market. Or at least she hates what most people think of as the free market, based on the conventional use of that term by mainstream politicians and journalists. And the usual vulgar libertarian suspects (see here and here and here) have reacted with exactly the kind of by-the-numbers polemics you’d…
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
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