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O Anarquista Conservador
Pode um anarquista ser socialmente conservador? Sim. Não vejo qualquer razão pela qual alguém que seja anti-aborto ou tenha uma perspectiva fundamentalista sobre o sexo ou as drogas não possa ser anarquista. O anarquismo tem a ver com a construção de uma sociedade na qual ninguém force as suas crenças sobre terceiros. Desde que respeitemos…
A Proibição Ainda Não Funciona
Alabama, Geórgia, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi e Missouri foram todos criticados recentemente por sua aprovação de várias leis anti-aborto – extremamente restritivas e possivelmente inconstitucionais. O objetivo de tais leis – afirma-se – é coibir as taxas de aborto, preferencialmente a zero. O problema é, entretanto, que a proibição nunca funcionou para atingir tais objetivos….
The Conservative Anarchist
Can an anarchist be socially conservative? Yes. I see no reason why someone who is anti-abortion or has fundamentalist views on sex or drugs can’t be an anarchist. Anarchism is about building a society in which no one forces their beliefs on others. As long as you respect the views and lives of others, your…
Prohibition Still Doesn’t Work
Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Missouri have all come under fire recently for their passing of various –extremely restrictive and possibly unconstitutional– anti-abortion laws. The goal of such laws –it is claimed– is to curb abortion rates, preferably to zero. The problem is, however, that prohibition has never worked to achieve such goals….
The Repeal of the Eighth and the Withering of the State in Ireland
Last Friday, the people of the Republic of Ireland voted decisively to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution. Such a vote was historic; ‘the Eighth’ as the amendment had increasingly become known equated the life of the mother with that of the unborn, effectively preventing any form of abortion – including in cases…
The Paradox of the Political Right’s Opposition to Abortion
Generally, people on the ‘right’ of the political spectrum are more vocally against abortion. If they do agree with it, it’s usually only in some limited capacity (such as when an unplanned pregnancy is the result of rape or incest). On the other hand, the political left tends to be far more vocally supportive.
Victims of Abortion Criminalization on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Valdenor Júnior‘s “Victims of Abortion Criminalization” read by Christopher B. King and edited by Nick Ford. I agree with jurist Ronald Dworkin in his book Life’s Dominion. He states that people wish to ban abortion because they understand there is some intrinsic value to life that must be preserved. However, that sacred value is…
Victims of Abortion Criminalization
Jandira Magdalena dos Santos vanished after having an illegal abortion on August 26. She could feel the danger as it approached. Her last text message to her husband Leandro Brito Reis read: “Honey, they asked me to turn off my phone, I’m panicking, pray for me!” Two hours after getting the message, Leandro sent one…
Nevada GOP Changes Course on Gay Marriage and Abortion
Last year the Nevada GOP decided to remove opposition to gay marriage and abortion from its platform. It’s not clear whether this is about votes or reflects genuine sentiment. It’s certainly out of touch with other GOP platforms across the country. This is definitely a good thing though. It also doesn’t go far enough. It’s…
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