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The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 92
Jonathan Cook discusses Israel’s endless misery for Gaza. Curtis Bell discusses parallels between U.S. and Israeli racism. Sheldon Richman discusses no compensation to Israel for the Iran deal. Richard M. Ebeling discusses freedom of migration. Lucy Steigerwald discusses America’s limited space for Iran stories. George H. Smith discusses Spinoza’s thought from a critical perspective. Helen…
What We Talk About When We Talk About War
Yesterday I read Cormac McCarthy’s wonderful 2006 novel, The Road. The book tells the story of an unnamed man and his son, as they move through an apocalyptic landscape in the hope of finding a safer place to live. McCarthy doesn’t specify the nature of the apocalypse, although nuclear war is strongly hinted at. The…
Estados Unidos Não Têm Autoridade Moral Para Condenar Assad
Tenha ou não ditador sírio Bashar al-Assad usado armas químicas, o Presidente Obama não tem base legítima para intervir. Ataques aéreos dos Estados Unidos, visantes a punir e a dissuadir Assad e a degradar sua instituição militar, mas não a derrubar seu regime, aumentariam o investimento dos Estados Unidos na guerra civil síria e tornariam…
U.S. Has No Moral Standing To Condemn Assad
Whether or not Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons, President Obama has no legitimate grounds to intervene. U.S. airstrikes, intended to punish and deter Assad and degrade his military but not overthrow his regime, would deepen the U.S. investment in the Syrian civil war and increase the chances of further intervention. Obama’s previous intervention is what…
Talking About Whistleblowers on the Jake Shannon Show
Today I had the great pleasure of appearing on my friend Jake Shannon’s radio show. Mostly we discussed WikiLeaks whistleblower Pfc. Manning, and the work I’m doing with Freedom Torch in Salt Lake to stand in solidarity with Manning and other whistleblowers. C4SS was one of the first sponsors of the Freedom Torch Parade. While whistleblowers were the…
Our Moral Crisis
It seems official, the United States is a permanent wartime state. Senior Obama Administration officials have stated that the War on Terror, in its “limitless form,” will carry on for another decade, possibly two. Given our role in the world, as an economic and military super-power, and given the economic, social and environmental crisis we…
Ignorância é Força: Edição Kim Jong Un
Carson: O governo dos Estados Unidos é um estado. E mentir — deliberadamente, cinicamente — onde mentir sirva a seus interesses é o que os estados fazem. Não permita que milhões de pessoas morram por causa de uma mentira.
Ignorance is Strength: Kim Jong Un Edition
Carson: The U.S. government is a state. And lying — deliberately, shamelessly — whenever it serves their interests is what states do. Don’t let millions die for a lie.
Psychopathic Kyriarchy – Our Rulers Really Are Unempathic Predators
Sebastion A.B.: Psychopaths are drawn to and uniquely capable within politics. They are charismatic, show no remorse, crave power and rise to the top. Leading psychologists have built the literature on the corporate form, but statist psychopathy bears investigation
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