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El libertarismo versus la estupidez psicopática
De Andrew Kemle. Artículo original: Libertarianism vs Psychopathic Dumbfuckery de 21 de mayo de 2021. Traducido al español por Camila Figueroa. La diferencia entre el libertarismo y la estupidez psicopática Rand Paul vuelve a ser noticia por intentar culpar al gobierno de los Estados Unidos, y al Dr. Anthony Fauci en particular, de crear la…
Libertarismo o Stupidità Psicopatica?
Di Andrew Kemle. Originale: Libertarianism vs Psychopathic Dumbfuckery del 21 marzo 2021. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. La differenza tra un libertario e uno stupido psicopatico Rand Paul torna alla ribalta accusando governo statunitense e soprattutto Anthony Fauci di aver creato la pandemia di covid-19. Lui e diversi altri incantatori insistono a dire, senza provarlo, che…
Libertarianism vs Psychopathic Dumbfuckery
The Difference between Libertarianism and Psychopathic Dumbfuckery Rand Paul is in the news again for trying to blame the United States government, and Dr. Anthony Fauci in particular, for creating the COVID-19 pandemic. He and a few other mouthpieces have insisted, without evidence, that funding authorized by Fauci directly contributed to “gain-of-function” research in Wuhan…
Psychopathic Kyriarchy – Our Rulers Really Are Unempathic Predators
Sebastion A.B.: Psychopaths are drawn to and uniquely capable within politics. They are charismatic, show no remorse, crave power and rise to the top. Leading psychologists have built the literature on the corporate form, but statist psychopathy bears investigation
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