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Obama’s Iraqi Fairy Tale
I promised myself that I would no longer comment on what Barack Obama has to say, because it’s just not worth the time and effort. Obama’s public remarks are comprehensible only if you keep one thing in mind: he, like other politicians, thinks most people are morons. I am so appalled by what Obama said in…
Lei Era la Regola, non l’Eccezione
Il sedici marzo scorso, Claudia Silva Ferreira ha commesso questo crimine: viveva nel posto sbagliato con il colore della pelle sbagliato. È uscita a comprare pane e prosciutto con una tazza di caffè in una mano. Non sai mai quanto può essere letale una tazza di caffè se tenuta da una donna nera e povera,…
She was the Rule, Not an Exception
Claudia Silva Ferreira’s crime, last March 16, was living in the wrong place and having the wrong skin color. She went out to buy bread and ham, a cup of coffee in hand. We can never know how lethal a cup of coffee might be if held by a black, poor woman living on the…
Eleven Years of War
Today, the Iraq War turns eleven. If you’re an American, you’d be forgiven for thinking the war in Iraq was over. After all, Barack Obama, after being thwarted in his desperate attempts to extend the American military presence there, has been crowing about how he “ended” the war in Iraq. But the war never ended….
Private Violence
The new HBO documentary Private Violence, which recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, follows victim advocate Kit Gruelle as she helps various victims of domestic abuse seek justice and freedom from their abusers. Gruelle is a domestic violence survivor herself, and her own story of abuse is told alongside the stories of women who she assists….
Paul Anthony Ciancia: What He Did Was Wrong, But Not For the Reason You Might Think
Easily the most persistent question that arises when we endure another shooting such as the recent one at LAX in which a TSA agent was killed and others injured is “Why?” It appears that the shooter, 23-year-old Paul Anthony Ciancia, had one thing in mind: Killing TSA agents. He did not appear to want to…
The TSA Shooter: Anarchist Hero or Statist War Criminal?
It’s been suggested that market anarchists should feel “grateful” to accused LAX shooter Paul Ciancia for killing TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez and wounding several others. After all, by market anarchist standards, the TSA is a criminal organization, subjecting travelers to intrusive and humiliating rights-violations. The fact that the TSA is a government agency constitutes no…
LAX Shootings: Propaganda of the Deed?
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, “propaganda of the deed” — individual acts of violence intended to inspire revolution — became the signature anarchist activity. Among the prominent casualties were French president Sadi Carnot, American president William McKinley and Italian King Umberto I. Although propaganda of the deed has faded into history as…
Waco and 20 Years of State Terror
Gregory: Twenty years ago, Waco showed Americans the truth about law enforcement, the U.S. government, and the state itself.
About the question of oversight…
Arthur Silber: Evil does not become less evil because people are “open” about it. It is not miraculously transformed into good through some mysterious process of alchemy. Evil becomes only worse, infinitely worse. …
Sem Justiça Não Há Paz: Ataque à Cultura de Armas de Fogo na Fonte
Quer paz social? Desarme os policiais e os soldados. Tire o poder que têm os Dirigentes Executivos Principais – CEOs sanguessugas — criados pelo mesmo estado que quer regulamentar as armas de fogo — sobre nosso próprio direito de existir sobre a Terra.
Reflections after Sandy Hook: Rampage Killings and Concepts of Liberty
It might really be anomalous that most people tend immediately to agree that there is no telling what people might do, if they are free. Instead it ought to be obvious that there is no telling what people might do, if people are not free.
Riots in Argentina: Nicolás Morás Reporting from the Ground
Argentine libertarian activist and C4SS contributor Nicolás Morás wrote a blog post at Orden Voluntario describing his first-hand experience of a recent wave of riots and looting at his hometown, San Carlos de Bariloche.
Algumas Observações Acerca do Debate Relativo a Controle de Armas de Fogo
Os Estados Unidos têm mais violência armada do que qualquer outro país ocidental pelo mesmo motivo de terem uma cultura de venerar a bandeira e de “prestigiar as tropas” sem paralelo no hemisfério ocidental.
Free Schools, Free People, Fewer Victims
Darian Worden: Neither the NRA nor those protesting against it strike the root of school violence.
The Trouble With “Sensible” Gun Regulations
Goodman: We cannot separate gun control from the rest of the state apparatus that enforces gun laws.
No Justice, No Peace: Attacking the Gun Culture at Its Source
Kevin Carson: Want social peace? Disarm the cops and soldiers. Take away the power of bloodsucking CEOs — created by the same state that would regulate guns — over our very right to exist on the earth.
Algunas Observaciones sobre el Debate del Control de la Tenencia de Armas
Los Estados Unidos tienen más violencia armada que otros países occidentales por la misma razón que tenemos una cultura de veneración a la bandera y de “apoyar a las tropas” sin paralelo en el hemisferio occidental.
Some Observations on the Gun Control Debate
The United States has more gun violence than other Western countries for the same reason it has a culture of flag-worship and “supporting the troops” unequaled anywhere else in the West.
State Violence Against Women: Why It Matters
The reality is that state violence against women happens and that gender and sex play a role in the structure of that violence.
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Fighting Fascism
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The Anatomy of Escape
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