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Kontrol Senjata: Siapa yang Mengontrol?
Oleh: Darian Warden. Teks aslinya berjudul “Gun Control: Who Gets Control?” Diterjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia oleh Ameyuri Ringo. Mendukung aturan kontrol senjata berarti memberikan kontrol kepada pemerintah lebih dari seharusnya. Pemerintahan merupakan institusi yang dijalankan oleh orang-orang dengan berbagai personalitas dan kepentingan. Apakah mereka benar-benar lebih pintar, lebih kompeten, atau lebih mampu mencegah eskalasi…
Il Doppio Taglio delle Armi Personali
Di Trevor Hauge. Originale: The Duality of Private Gun Ownership, del 21 luglio 2023. Traduzione italiana di Enrico Sanna. Voglio essere chiaro. Sono tra i sostenitori del possesso personale delle armi perché, da anarchico, credo che sia utile che la popolazione possa, all’occorrenza, opporsi al monopolio della forza statale. Ciononostante, sono molto critico verso la…
The Duality of Private Gun Ownership
I’ll keep this short. I count myself among the defenders of private gun ownership, because I am an anarchist and I see utility in having a population that can challenge the state monopoly on violence if needed. Despite this, I am highly critical of right wing gun culture and it’s simple manichean narratives that cast…
Леваки и пушки. Часть первая
Logan Marie Glitterbomb, Combating Hate: A Radical Leftist Guide to Gun Control (Part 1). Перевёл Дмитрий Мрачник https://www.nihilist.li/2017/08/31/levaki-i-pushki-chast-pervaya/ Огнестрельное оружие для гражданского использования — болезненная для левых тема. В их стане можно услышать массу позиций как за, так и против, но все сойдутся в одной мысли: люди нуждаются в пространстве, безопасном для жизни. Копья ломаются…
May We Defend Against Tyranny?
Conservatives say that we need the right to bear arms so we can defend ourselves against tyrannical government. I agree. But NRA spokeswoman and conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch does not seem to agree. After the Women’s March celebrated Assata Shakur’s birthday on Twitter, Loesch condemned them, writing, “You celebrate cop killers.” I’m not…
Combating Hate: A Radical Leftist Guide to Gun Control (Part 1)
This is the first part in a series. Be sure to check out parts 2, 3, 4 and 5. Gun control is a big issue to many leftists. The Democratic Party has campaigned for years on a platform of gun control. Such measures, they claim, are the only ways to reduce gun violence and save lives. They claim they…
A (Brief) People’s History of Gun Control on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson’s “A (Brief) People’s History of Gun Control” read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford. From its beginnings the state has been an executive committee of the economic ruling class and an instrument of armed force by the owners of the means of production, enabling them to extract surplus…
Gun Control: Who Gets Control? on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Darian Worden’s “Gun Control: Who Gets Control?” read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford. While we make society more compassionate — which cannot be done without cultivating respect for liberty and autonomy — we should respect the gun rights of all responsible individuals. It is amazing that an 18-year-old can…
The Oath Keepers’ Colonial Mindset
Oath Keeper presence in Ferguson has been an issue boiling beneath the surface since the 2014 riots. Members began showing up when community hostility spilled over into the streets; Oath Keepers appointed themselves protectors of Ferguson property from looters. Reception was mixed, but some members of the community welcomed them and allowed them to patrol their storefronts.
Kalashnikov Is Dead; Long Live The Kalashnikov!
Sad news today of the death of Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of the iconic AK-47. Designed by then-sergeant Kalashnikov, a wounded Red Army conscript, in response to what he saw as the inadequate weapons he was issued, the AK-47 has become the most popular rifle in the world, seeing use in virtually every armed conflict since….
Thought Crimes, School Shootings and the State
In our attempts to stop the monsters terrorizing our children, we have ourselves become monsters. We never notice when the transformation occurs. We don’t even fully realize it until years into our rampage. But one day, we wake up and look into the mirror, and the face peering back at us is unrecognizable. On Friday,…
Guns: Putting The Cart Before The Horse
A friend of mine recently shared a blog post by a friend of his on liberty and guns in the Republic of Georgia. In the post, the author, Neal Zupancic, argues that people who need to be armed in order to feel safe cannot be said to be free or safe, and by implication that…
The Panthers Were Right and Reagan Was Wrong on Gun Control
I suppose it takes a true radical these days to question the progressive’s sacred cow: Ronald Reagan. You read that right. This paradigm of modern conservatism was one of the most important American champions of gun control in recent decades, and so he has become a convenient talking point for liberals who want to argue…
Demagogy on Manchin-Toomey
Richman: This is not paranoia. It’s a recognition of the dynamics of demagogic politics.
“Revolution Is A Warm Gun”: Arun Gupta
Gupta: Central to the left project is demilitarizing society, and by using this as the umbrella, gun control can provide an opening to shackle the state instead of the people.
Sem Justiça Não Há Paz: Ataque à Cultura de Armas de Fogo na Fonte
Quer paz social? Desarme os policiais e os soldados. Tire o poder que têm os Dirigentes Executivos Principais – CEOs sanguessugas — criados pelo mesmo estado que quer regulamentar as armas de fogo — sobre nosso próprio direito de existir sobre a Terra.
Controle de Armas de Fogo: Quem Obtém Controle?
Apoiar leis de controle de armas de fogo significa dar ao governo mais crédito do que ele merece.
Wapenverbod: vrijbrief voor geweldsmonopolie
Terwijl wij streven naar een samenleving van de menselijke maat – die niet bereikt kan worden zonder het cultiveren van respect voor vrijheid en autonomie – zouden wij ook respect moeten hebben voor wapenbezit voor alle verantwoordelijke individuen.
Gun Control: Who Gets Control?
Darian Worden: Strengthen liberty and autonomy, not government.
Fear, Violence and the Absurd
Hultner: The “debate” between CNN host Piers Morgan and talk radio host Alex Jones on Monday may have been entertaining political theatre, but they — and the rest of us — are missing a larger point.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory