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Il Male della Disuguaglianza
Di Gary Chartier. Originale pubblicato il 22 gennaio 2016 con il titolo What’s Wrong with Inequality? Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. A credere ai cosiddetti esperti, sembra quasi che tutto quest’odio verso la disuguaglianza sia frutto dell’invidia e di una certa ignoranza sul funzionamento dell’economia. Una ragione in più per non credere ai cosiddetti esperti. Il…
Sanders’ Free Trade Mythology — Or Reason’s?
At Reason, Steve Chapman (“Bernie Sanders’ Free Trade Mythology,” March 19) faults Bernie Sanders for saying: “Do you know that in 1960, Detroit, Michigan, was one of the wealthiest cities in America? Flint, Michigan, was a prosperous city. But then what happened is corporate America said, ‘Why do I want to pay somebody in Michigan…
What’s Wrong with Inequality?
If you believed the talking heads, you might think concern with inequality in our society was just a product of envy and economic ignorance. That’s another reason not to believe the talking heads. The fact that someone has more wealth than I do doesn’t injure me or make me worse off. And the economy isn’t…
“Libertarian” Stossel Marginally Less Statist Than Trump
Seemingly John Stossel never sits down to write without the goal of further lowering the bar for qualifying as a libertarian. This time (“My Trump Problem,” Reason, Nov. 11), he’s managed to push the criterion to the all-time low of being somewhat less statist than Donald Trump. Stossel’s first problem with Trump allegedly centers on…
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