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Nessun Complotto Capitalista Dietro i Problemi dell’azione Collettiva
Di Frank Miroslav. Originale pubblicato il 2 aprile 2022 con il titolo Why Collective Action Problems Are Not a Capitalist Plot. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Perché dalla ragione individuale a quella collettiva non è un passo Un vecchio chiodo fisso dell’estrema sinistra è che l’assenza di attività radicali è colpa di qualche soggetto collettivo che,…
Pourquoi les problèmes d’action collective ne sont pas des complots capitalistes
Frank Miroslav. Article original: Why Collective Action Problems Are Not a Capitalist Plot. Traduction française par anonyme. Sur l’importance de passer de la rationalité individuelle à la rationalité collective Un incontournable de la gauche radicale est de blâmer l’absence d’activité radicale, par un sujet collectif particulier perçu comme ayant un potentiel, sur quelques subterfuges capitalistes….
Por qué los problemas de acción colectiva no son un complot capitalista
Frank Miroslav. Artículo original: Why Collective Action Problems Are Not a Capitalist Plot, del 2 de abril de 2022. Traducido al español por Camila Figueroa. Sobre la no trivialidad de pasar de la racionalidad individual a la colectiva Ha sido un pilar de la izquierda radical durante mucho tiempo culpar de la falta de actividad…
Why Collective Action Problems Are Not a Capitalist Plot
On the Non-Triviality of Going from Individual to Collective Rationality It’s been a mainstay of the radical left for a long time to blame the lack of radical activity by whatever particular collective subject they believe to have potential on some sort of capitalist subterfuge. The various arguments for what exactly happened range considerably, but…
Sex Work, After the Revolution
It will always remain astounding how the authoritarian left shares so much archaic morality with the right-wing when we talk about the idea of fucking for pay. The most deeply devoted members of the alt-right, the centrist core, and left-wing radicals all turn into pearl-clutching suburban soccer moms when the subject of sex-work is broached….
The Left-Libertarian Balancing Act
The non-aggression principle forbids assaults on the bodies and property of nonviolent people. Along with the Lockean theory of homesteading, this principle lies at the heart of contemporary libertarian doctrine. Although they promote the non-aggression principle, left-libertarians argue that interpersonal aggression is not the only impediment to liberty. Hunger, thirst, illness, heat, and cold have…
What’s Missing in the Left’s Critique of Gentrification in the UK
Every day I despair of the British Left, and hearing them on the issue of housing is no exception. On the one hand, they should be praised for being the only ones to draw serious attention to the very real problem of rising rents and urban displacement. On the other hand, however, there are serious…
The Slavish Partisanship of Brazil’s Socialists
The second campaign round of Brazil’s presidential election between Worker’s Party (PT) candidate and president Dilma Rousseff and Brazilian Social Democratic Party candidate Aecio Neves has started and a large portion of the electorate and the politicians connected to leftist parties have decided to take a stance. The Liberty and Socialism Party (PSOL), for instance, drafted…
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