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What Is “Left-Libertarianism?”
Just what is “left-libertarianism?” The term (as it’s being used here) points to a broad tradition of intellectual undercurrents that are simultaneously radically libertarian and radically leftist. It includes some of the most radical elements of English liberalism (such as Thomas Hodgskin and the earlier writings of Herbert Spencer), nineteenth-century individualist anarchism, the 1960s alliance…
Mutual Exchange Radio: Two Episodes!
Please pardon our absence! As you can probably guess, the pandemic and related stresses led to a bump in our production schedule. But now, we’re back on track — and have two fresh episodes to boot… First, check out our interview with Libertarian Party presidential hopeful Vermin Supreme. You might know Vermin as the candidate…
Mutual Exchange Radio: Jason Lee Byas on Methodological Anarchism
Our next episode is with C4SS fellow Jason Lee Byas. Jason is also a PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Michigan and his academic work focuses on punishment (and its alternatives), rights theory, and justice beyond the state. Today, we discussed some recent work he’s been doing on “methodological anarchist” approaches to political…
C4SS Thinkers in Upcoming Anthology on Dialectical Libertarianism
Several C4SS people (Jason Lee Byas, Kevin Carson, Gary Chartier, Billy Christmas, Nathan Goodman, and Roderick T. Long) are among the contributors to a forthcoming anthology, Dialectics of Liberty: Exploring the Context of Human Freedom, edited by Chris Matthew Sciabarra, Roger Bissell, and Edward Younkins. Other contributors, from a variety of libertarian traditions, include Robert…
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