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C4SS Thinkers in Upcoming Anthology on Dialectical Libertarianism
Several C4SS people (Jason Lee Byas, Kevin Carson, Gary Chartier, Billy Christmas, Nathan Goodman, and Roderick T. Long) are among the contributors to a forthcoming anthology, Dialectics of Liberty: Exploring the Context of Human Freedom, edited by Chris Matthew Sciabarra, Roger Bissell, and Edward Younkins. Other contributors, from a variety of libertarian traditions, include Robert…
Roderick Long on Bullshit Jobs
This month, C4SS Senior Fellow Roderick Long was featured in Reason magazine with a review of David Graeber’s Bullshit Jobs: A Theory. “Bullshit jobs” are defined by Graeber as “so completely pointless, unnecessary, or pernicious that even the employee cannot justify [their] existence.” The book discusses the rise of such jobs in the modern economy, pointing fingers squarely…
Libertarian versus Welfare-State Property Rights
Last week I set out Auburn University philosopher Roderick Long’s argument that libertarianism can’t be reasonably dismissed as strange. (A modest objective, to be sure.) After all, Long writes, mainstream libertarianism holds that each individual has a right not to be aggressed against, aggression being defined descriptively (not normatively) as the initiation of physical force….
How Many Rights?
So, libertarians, how many rights do people have? One (say, the right to life, albeit with countless applications)? Three (life, liberty, and property)? Or an unlimited number (the right to do this, that, and the other, ad infinitum)? Because part of any strategy to achieve a fully free society presumably includes persuading nonlibertarians to be…
What Social Animals Owe to Each Other
If I were compelled to summarize the libertarian philosophy’s distinguishing feature while standing on one foot, I’d say the following: Every person owes it to all other persons not to aggress them. This is known as the nonaggression principle, or NAP. What is the nature of this obligation? The first thing to notice is that…
Roderick Long: Eudaimonism, Libertarianism, and Science Fiction
Kyle Platt catches up with Prof. Roderick Long before his talk at the University of Oklahoma. They discuss why Eudaimonism is compatible with a libertarian philosophy, who libertarians should read, and themes of liberty in science fiction.
La Contribución de Ayn Rand a la Causa de la Libertad
The following article is translated into Spanish from the English original, written by Roderick T. Long at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Nacida Alisa Rosenbaum en San Petesburgo, Rusia, el 2 de febrero de 1905, Rand llegaría a ser una de las principales voces del siglo XX a favor de la libertad humana. Después de…
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