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Mutual Exchange Symposium: Freedom of Speech and Political Violence
Mutual Exchange is the Center for a Stateless Society’s effort to achieve mutual understanding through dialogue. As anarchists, we often try to make visible the myriad of state violence that usually goes unseen: the seemingly inexhaustible source of drone bombings, incarceration, police brutality, migrant detention, and the like, which terrorize individuals and their communities around…
We Will Defeat the Authoritarian Nationalists
Human liberty has been won in hard fights against powerful interests and systems, but the progress of liberty can be set back. The rise of authoritarian nationalism is a serious threat to the liberty of people around the world. It is a threat that must be defeated. In authoritarian nationalism, a select group will rule…
Dietro la Negazione dell’Holodomor di Richard Spencer
Di Logan Yershov. Originale pubblicato il 18 maggio 2017 con il titolo Understanding Richard Spencer’s Holodomor Denial. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Richard Spencer è ancora una volta al centro di polemiche dopo aver detto in un tweet recente che l’Holodomor (la carestia provocata dalla politica staliniana tra il 1929 e il 1933, ndt) non fu…
Understanding Richard Spencer’s Holodomor Denial
Richard Spencer is at the center of controversy again after his recent tweet denying that the Holodomor was an intentional genocide. This time, the controversy is not so much with the public at large (who have largely never heard the word), but within in his own white nationalist swamp.
Portland Must Be Done with The Oregonian
Last Friday, The Oregonian published a staff editorial that responded to the police brutality unleashed on May Day protesters by labeling all anarchists as “punk fascists.” This editorial — published by the conservative newspaper that used to be a daily powerhouse in the Northwest — has been roundly denounced in many circles for its political ignorance.
Film Review: Bitter Harvest
Bitter Harvest is a recently released wartime romance, set during the state-induced Ukrainian famine of 1932-33: otherwise known as the Holodomor. Directed, written, and funded by members of the Ukrainian diaspora, it was filmed on location in Ukraine during the Euromaidan protests, which some of the crew participated in.
Combating Hate: A Radical Leftist Guide to Gun Control (Part 4)
This is the fourth part in a series. Be sure to check out parts 1, 2, 3 and 5. Advocates of gun ownership for marginalized people must talk about one of the biggest threats faced by such groups: hate crimes. Oftentimes, the media confuses this kind of bigotry with mental illness: but bigotry is not a mental illness at…
Reclaiming the Anti-Fascist Roots of Libertarianism
Let’s face it — the libertarian movement’s flirtations with paleoconservatives over the years have put us in the situation we are in today. Alt-righters and other self-proclaimed fascists, white nationalists, and racial separatists feel that they can use the libertarian movement as an effective recruiting ground: despite their willingness to crush individual liberties in order to…
Against The Pull Of Simplicity & Disconnect
Alexander Reid Ross. Against The Fascist Creep (AK Press, 2017). Despite the right’s stereotype of antifascist activists as close-minded thugs or paid protesters, in reality the majority have long been quite geeky, prone to lining their bookshelves with obscure fascist screeds and abstruse historical tomes. This comes with its own problems. Fascism is a multifaceted phenomenon to say…
Burn a flag for Donald Trump
It seems silly to continue harping on the incoming tidal wave of fascism, but if there’s one thing C4SS – and the anarchist tradition in general – is good at, it’s making sure you don’t forget that we’re in for a long god damn ride. Earlier today, Trump tweeted that anyone who burns the American…
Fight Hate, Paint Back!
Every prohibition, no matter how reasonable, has its bootleggers and every state, no matter how authoritarian, is unable to truly enforce a total ban on anything. So when a father in Berlin discovered swastikas painted on a children’s playground, a symbol that is actually illegal according to German law, he realized it was more effective…
The Rise and Fall of the Workers’ Party
The next few hours are going to define how Dilma Rousseff will leave office (the later vote in the Senate, if called upon, will be pro forma), but the rule of the Workers’ Party in Brazil undoubtedly has come to an end. The result of impeachment vote is of little importance: we already know that…
Violence and Freedom in the Arizona Trump Rally
The Arizona rally against Trump in Fountain Hills, Arizona, on the 19th of March, 2016, was met with great resistance and critique from both the Left and the Right largely using arguments about “freedom” and “violence.” As these are important and seemingly misunderstood themes, I’ve chosen to weave analyses of them through this report-back. Freedom…
Why I Am a Left Libertarian on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Jeff Riggenbach‘s “Why I Am a Left Libertarian” edited by Nick Ford and read by Riggenbach himself. Many libertarians say the traditional Left/Right political spectrum has become meaningless and useless. But to the extent that this is true for them, this is only because they have allowed themselves to be befuddled…
Why I Am a Left Libertarian
Many libertarians say the traditional Left/Right political spectrum has become meaningless and useless. But to the extent that this is true for them, this is only because they have allowed themselves to be befuddled by political fraud and, perhaps, by a weak background in political history. The spectrum is just as useful and meaningful as…
Every Man a King Juan Carlos
King Juan Carlos I of Spain’s announced abdication has instigated a flurry of commentary contrasting dictatorship and democracy. The consensus views the remaining non-honorary power of the dozen remaining monarchies in Europe, particularly in diminutive monarchies like Liechtenstein and the Vatican, as vestigial holdouts from the relentless trend towards the representative-democratic nation-state as “the end of history.” A beloved monarch’s…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 31
Patrick Cockburn discusses the bloody history of Baghdad. Kent Paterson discusses the challenging of a militarized police state. Medea Benjamin discusses the broken promises of Obama. Martha Rosenberg interviews Michael Arria. Jeffrey St. Clair discusses the recently passed away, Gabriel Kolko. Justin Raimondo discusses how a CIA backed general recently launched a coup in Libya….
Lo Vieron Venir: La Crítica Libertaria Decimonónica del Fascismo
Hablar de una crítica libertaria decimonónica del fascismo puede parecer anacrónico, ya que el fascismo es generalmente entendido como un fenómeno del siglo XX. Pero el fascismo no surgió de la nada, y los liberarios del siglo XIX lo vieron venir.
Para Confrontar os Fascistas do Século 21
Esse deveria ser um esforço da comunidade, não responsabilidade apenas de uma vanguarda ativista.
Confronting Fascists in the 21st Century
Anonymous and the Modern Fight Against Fascism
Free Markets & Capitalism?
Markets Not Capitalism
Organization Theory
Conscience of an Anarchist