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Permettere la Sperimentazione Sociale dev’essere una Priorità della Sinistra
Di Gary Chartier. Originale: Making Room for Social Experimentation Should Be a Priority for the Left, dell’undici maggio 2022. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Chi a sinistra contesta l’autoritarismo delle politiche sanitarie potrebbe spostarsi verso l’estremismo. Speriamo. Chi contesta la mano politica pesante sulla pandemia giustamente evidenzia una serie di questioni. La chiusura delle scuole rischia…
Making Room for Social Experimentation Should Be a Priority for the Left
Commentators criticizing authoritarian health policies from the mainstream left could turn more radical. I hope they do. Leftist critics of heavy-handed political responses to the Covid-19 pandemic have rightly noted multiple concerns. School closures risk decades-long damage to the most vulnerable students. Business closures harmed workers and employers even as they enjoyed substantial support from…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 44
Pepe Escobar discusses why Obama is bombing ISIS. Alex Kane discusses 11 facts about police militarization. Philip Giraldi discusses the GOP. John Maxwell Hamilton discusses how WW1 led to modern propaganda and surveillance. Charles Davis discusses how America helped make the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. Joshua Cook discusses blowback in Iraq. Ted Snider…
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