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Mutualizing Water Services and Detroit
Some people in the city of Detroit recently had their water shut off due to 90 million dollars of past unpaid water dues. Much of the discussion that will probably emerge or has already emerged will revolve around whether to privatize the water supply there. This would probably involve contracting out services to a for profit…
Charles T. Sprading
Charles T. Sprading was a libertarian activist and prolific writer in a number of causes, ranging from freedom and freethought advocacy, cooperativism, Irish Independence, publisher of libertarian books and periodicals, opponent of anti-blue laws, and, in his last years before his health failed him (d. approx 1960), supporter of the Bricker Amendment and strident opponent…
Neighborhood Power: The New Localism by David Morris and Karl Hess
In 1975, two leftists, one of whom had been a top GOP insider and a founder of the American libertarian movement, collaborated on a book published by a leading Washington, D.C. left-wing think tank and the Unitarian Universalist Association advocating devolution of political power from the federal, state and city levels to self-sufficient local neighborhoods,…
Exploring Economic Freedom As If Freedom And People Actually Mattered
Two quotations, juxtaposed, summarize the errors into which modern American defenses of ‘free markets’ and capitalism have entered. In the process these errors led to abandoning any real meaning for liberty or human well-being.  Right wing libertarians in particular sincerely believe they are seeking to preserve these values, but they are sincerely wrong. But before…
Worker Cooperatives: Retooling the Solidarity Economy
Under the cooperative model, workers own the business, reducing injustice because they have a stake in the community and because an individual will find it hard to exploit oneself. Workers often buy into their jobs (upfront or amortized), vote on major decisions in general assemblies or committees, and even voluntarily donate to the co-op for re-investment.
Anarchy as Responsibility
Melanie Pinkert: If we want problems to be solved, we need to take responsibility for solving them.
John Stuart Mill in Support of Worker Cooperatives
J.S. Mill against the master/servant dynamic of the workplace and in favor of workers’ self-management.
New Tech as a Force Multiplier and Equalizer: Bootstrapping the Alternative Economy
The generation of energy, whether it be the gas you pump into your tank or the coal burned to produce electricity to power your computer, is estimated to contribute upwards of 82% of all greenhouse gas emission. To add insult to injury, many of these firms have long been associated with the more deleterious impacts of neoliberal development. Of course we all know about BP’s destruction of the entire Gulf region…
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory