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Education: Guaranteeing Access Isn’t Enough
In a recent email, a professor of sociology expressed some skepticism about what she regarded as over-enthusiastic treatment of the possibilities for new education models in a stateless society. Among other things, she questioned the apparent claim that new media, online courses and free lectures would “save the education system” or provide access to education….
The Libertarian Struggle of the Black Movement on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Valdenor Júnior‘s “The Libertarian Struggle of the Black Movement” read by Erick Vasconcelos and edited by Nick Ford. Murray Rothbard attempted to establish a conversation between libertarianism and the New Left through the periodical Left and Right: A Journal of Libertarian Thought. Among the articles published, one of the best certainly is Rothbard’s own…
La Lotta Libertaria del Movimento dei Neri
Nota: Questo articolo è stato scritto in occasione della Giornata della Consapevolezza dei Neri in Brasile. Negli anni sessanta, nomi famosi del movimento libertario americano entrarono in contatto con i movimenti di mobilizzazione della Nuova Sinistra che, al contrario della Vecchia Sinistra, era caratterizzata da diffidenza verso le strategie di uno stato centralizzato con ampi…
Come le Leggi Fondiarie Hanno Tenuto Soggiogati i Neri Brasiliani
Nota: Questo articolo è stato scritto in occasione della Giornata della Consapevolezza dei Neri in Brasile. La schiavitù in Brasile, l’ultimo paese americano indipendente che a quei tempi aveva ancora questa istituzione, fu abolita ufficialmente il 13 maggio 1888. Certo non fu una legge firmata dall’aristocrazia a risolvere i problemi della popolazione nera che, per…
The Libertarian Struggle of the Black Movement
Note: this was written for the occasion of Black Awareness Day in Brazil. In the 1960s, notable names from the American libertarian movement established contact with mobilizations of the New Left, which was characterized, as opposed to the Old Left, by a mistrust of centralized and big government strategies, and by their emphasis on the inclusion of segregated…
How the Law of Lands Kept Black People in Submission in Brazil
Note: This article was written for the occasion of Black Awareness Day in Brazil.  Officially, slavery in Brazil, the last independent American country which still had this institution at the time, was abolished on May 13, 1888. However, it wouldn’t be a law signed by the aristocracy that would solve the problems of the black people, who, for centuries, had their labor and…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Why Abolition Must Be Emphasized
For this week’s Weekly Abolitionist post, I’d like to emphasize the importance of holding a specifically abolitionist stance on prisons. Getting rid of prisons is not just one more reform to tack on after we’ve accomplished everything else. It’s the primary goal, and all other reforms should be judged with that in mind. The key…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Chris Burbank and the Myth of “Good Cops”
Last week, Radley Balko published an interesting piece on the question “After Ferguson, how should police respond to protests?”  He contrasted the militarized approach seen in Ferguson and in the Battle of Seattle with less reactionary and more cooperative forms of policing. One police chief Balko praised was Chris Burbank of Salt Lake City, my hometown….
Labor for Liberty, Abolish Slavery
Rudolph Rocker once said that there is a definite trend in the historical development of human civilization which strives for the “free, unhindered unfolding of the individual and social forces of life.” This is indeed an accurate account of human history — we strive for the beautiful ethic of liberty. Liberty can be described, rather simply,…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Updates Against The Prison State
Regular C4SS readers may have noticed the emergence of some weekly blogs here at Stigmergy. Trevor Hultner‘s been delivering  excellent media analysis and criticism every Tuesday. And Natasha Petrova brings a litany of left libertarian links with her Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review. I’ve decided to join the trend with a weekly blog on…
C4SS, Lysander Spooner and The Shoulders of Giants.
Interview: Gary Chartier recently participated in an extensive interview with James Corbett of The Corbett Report.
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