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No para Alabarlo, sino para Enterrarlo
Es hora de perseguir una visión de justicia y libertad que alcancemos por nuestras propias acciones, no como un regalo que dependa de la benevolencia temporal de un dictador.
Not to Praise, But to Bury Him
Kevin Carson: It’s time to pursue a vision of justice and freedom based on our own actions, on peaceful cooperation, mutual aid and solidarity with our friends and neighbors — not as a gift that depends on the temporary benevolence of a dictator.
Неравные контракты — неравная власть
Кевином Карсоном: В любом случае, это государство выступает на стороне капиталистов, арендо- и работодателей и дает им полную власть в деле заключения контрактов, с помощью которых они в свою очередь могут диктовать условия работникам и потребителям.
Contratos Desiguales, Poder Desigual
Kevin Carson: Demasiados libertarios de la Derecha política y cultural se identifican instintivamente con empleadores, propietarios inmobiliarios, y proveedores de servicios cuando se trata de estos temas. Y comenten un error fundamental al hacerlo.
Commodified Rebellion for the Wage-Slave
Kevin Carson: The sooner we restore a society where work is something we do, and not something we’re “given,” a society where we’re in control of our working lives, the sooner we can do away with fake machismo, commodified rebellion, and going postal.
Unequal Contracts, Unequal Power
Kevin Carson: Too many libertarians on the political and cultural Right instinctively identify with employers, landlords, and service providers on this issue. They are fundamentally wrong-headed to do so.
Unequal Contracts, Unequal Power
Kevin Carson: In every case, it is the state which intervenes on the side of capitalists, landlords and employers, and puts them in a position of superior bargaining power from which they can dictate the terms of contract with workers and consumers.
De (korte) volksgeschiedenis van het Amerikaans vuurwapenbezit
Kevin Carson: Ik kan me niet voorstellen dat iemand zou verwachten dat de vuurwapenregulering in de VS minder klassenspecifiek zou zijn dan die van andere beleidsterreinen.
A (Brief) People’s History of Gun Control
Kevin Carson: From its beginnings the state has been an executive committee of the economic ruling class. … I can’t imagine why anyone would expect the state’s gun control policies to display any less of a class character.
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Examining Exploitation: One Mutualist Perspective
M. George van der Meer: “Anarchists must continue to put a strain on the notion of exploitation, to test it, to explain it, experimenting and reviewing.”
The Poverty of Nations: Wal-Mart Efficiency and The Destitution of America
“The solution is to smash the structures of government-imposed privilege that put workers into a position of dependency on employers in the first place.”
A Thanksgiving Message in Solidarity with Walmart Strikers
We at C4SS stand in solidarity with Walmart workers, and fully support their Black Friday strike.
Contract Feudalism: Reply to a Reply
“Contract Feudalism”: A Response to Paul Marks was originally published in the 2008 issue of Economic Notes No. 105 by the Libertarian Alliance, written by Kevin Carson.
Feudalismo de Contrato
Carson: Em tal economia, os trabalhadores associados poderiam contratar capital em vez do contrário, e o estado natural do livre mercado poderia ser a produção cooperativa sob controle dos produtores.
The Individualist and the Communist on YouTube
From the Markets Not Capitalism audiobook read by C4SS fellow Stephanie Murphy.
The Wobblies and Free Market Labor Struggle
Carson: Rather than negotiating on the bosses’ terms under the Wagner rules, we should be using network resistance and asymmetric warfare techniques to make the bosses beg us for a contract.
Sons of a Laboring God
Joe Bageant: Getting Down and Dumb at Burt’s Tavern
Contract Feudalism
Carson: In such an economy, associated labor might hire capital instead of the other way around, and the natural state of the free market be cooperative production under the control of the producers.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory