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Reputation Markets: Reality, Dangers, and Possibility
Trust is the backbone of not just economies, but also the social fabric more broadly. With it, new worlds are possible, and without it, collapse is inevitable. Trust is built on dynamic and complexly layered reputations. We each have our own methods of building trust, and different communities have their own systems for developing reputation….
Agorà o Supermercato?
Come ridare vita alla fiera del libro anarchica Di William Gillis. Originale pubblicato il 21 marzo 2019 con il titolo The Mall or the Agora? Revitalizing the Anarchist Bookfair. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. La fiera del libro rappresenta uno dei momenti migliori per un anarchico. Una fiera del libro ha una struttura gerarchica evidente. C’è…
The Mall or the Agora? Revitalizing the Anarchist Bookfair
Anarchist bookfairs are one of the most interesting features of anarchist life. A bookfair is immediately recognizable as hierarchical. There are the booksellers and there are the consumers. What separates the two is not merely the physicality of a table, but the capital investment it represents. Those distroing have usually been required to purchase space…
Don’t Let Reality Catch You Slippin’
Many would-be radicals mistake throwing the baby out with the bath water for radical inquiry. “Abolish X thing” has been a useful frame for the moral immediatism we espouse. If it is cruel and unjust, our goal must be its abolition. However, after identifying X thing as Bad, we may, in our haste, obscure the…
Don’t Protect Their Secrets!: Whisper Networks and Manipulation
Even as we nurture beautiful futures and tender solidarity, our networks are struggling. As Bobby London wrote, “The state cannot destroy us the ways we destroy ourselves.” In addition to the threats that freedom faces from outside, we have threats inside that we need to deal with in real-time. We regularly fail to address them…
Combat Illiberalism
Today marks the 80th anniversary of then-aspiring tyrant Mao Tse-tung’s “Combat Liberalism.” In that short pamphlet Mao outlines eleven ways that liberal attitudes might manifest themselves within an anti-liberal revolutionary movement like his. Broadly, Mao characterizes the liberal attitude as an orientation towards “unprincipled peace” and petty egotism. The pamphlet’s recurring theme is one of…
On Anarchist Thought Crime and Property Rights
On the popular anarchist facebook page Anarchist Memes, an admin decided to exercise his private property rights in vocalizing his opinion that in a stateless society, unpopular opinions will not be dealt with peacefully. Status: “You think anarchism means we should all have some sort of right to say whatever you feel like? So let…
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