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The Economist Isn’t Just Phoning It In…
…It’s apparently an automated message. In “The lessons from America’s astonishing economic record” (Apr 13th), The Economist manages to regurgitate virtually every lazy neoliberal talking point in existence. The (unsigned) article sets out to demonstrate, contra the near-universal American perception that “the economy is broken,” that the American economy is actually a “stunning success story”…
On “Meritocracy,” Ponzi Schemes, and Fallacies of Composition
Tyler Wright is a Twitter hustlebro whose handle is — predictably enough — @DefiningWealth. His bio is typical of the ilk, who prey on basically the same demographic of gullible young men as Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate: “$0 at 22. $1.5 Million and Retired from Corporate America at 28. Now I help people do…
Le Statistiche sulla Disoccupazione Sono Propaganda di Stato
Se date uno sguardo ai dati ufficiali senza mettere in questione i numeri, sembra che la disoccupazione stia calando drasticamente. A maggio le aziende hanno aggiunto 288.000 posti di lavoro, e il tasso di disoccupazione è sceso dello 0,4% al 6,3%. Sembra che il paese si stia riprendendo dalla recessione. Ma prendere questi numeri per…
Unemployment Statistics are State Propaganda
If you look at the official unemployment numbers without questioning the data, unemployment seems to be sinking. In May employers added 288,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell 0.4 percentage points to 6.3 percent. It looks like the country is finally recovering from the recession. But taking those numbers at face value is a mistake….
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