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Il Complotto dei Terroristi Mediatici
Questo fine settimana la CNN ha mandato in onda come “Ultimissima” mozzafiato (tutto quello che manda in onda è una “Ultimissima” da mozzare il fiato) un nuovo sondaggio che dimostra come la gente sia sempre più spaventata dal terrorismo. La versione su internet dice: “Il terrorismo ha soppiantato l’economia quale problema nazionale più importante per…
A Conspiracy of Fear-Mongers
Over the weekend CNN breathlessly reported as “Breaking News” — it breathlessly reports everything as “Breaking News” — a new poll indicating that people are increasingly frightened about terrorism. The accompanying web story stated, “Terrorism has eclipsed the economy as voters’ top pick for the biggest issue facing America, a New York Times/CBS News poll…
A Modest Proposal: Mandatory Military Service for Congress
If it seems like only months ago that America’s warmongers were claiming there would be no need for US boots on the ground in the fight against the Islamic State (IS), that’s because it was. When the politicians initially decided to promote IS to the position of threat du jour, they promised that threat could be eliminated without sacrifice of American…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Prisons and the Myth of Democratic Legitimacy
It’s election day in the USA. The mass incarceration nation is deciding which political opportunists will rule. On the state and local level, citizens are casting their votes on ballot initiatives that will determine the structure, specifics, or application of state coercion. Some of these ballot initiatives probably deserve support from prison abolitionists, specifically initiatives…
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