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Killing 8chan: The Heart of Modern Nazi Terrorism [CW]
In addition to all kinds of scariness, it’s important also to mention exactly how mediocre 8ch is. It’s the human equivalent of the magazines in your dentist’s but– if it’s even possible– more tryhard. That they consider themselves to be an intellectual vanguard is on par with a grown adult self-identifying as Rick from Rick and Morty. It’s laughably pathetic and sad.
Combattete l’Odio, Ridipingetelo!
[Di Logan Glitterbomb. Originale pubblicato su Center for a Stateless Society il 12 settembre 2016 con il titolo Fight Hate, Paint Back! Traduzione di Enrico Sanna.] Ogni proibizionismo, per quanto ragionevole, ha il suo mercato nero, e ogni stato, per quanto autoritario, è incapace di vietare completamente alcunché. Così, quando un genitore berlinese ha visto…
Fight Hate, Paint Back!
Every prohibition, no matter how reasonable, has its bootleggers and every state, no matter how authoritarian, is unable to truly enforce a total ban on anything. So when a father in Berlin discovered swastikas painted on a children’s playground, a symbol that is actually illegal according to German law, he realized it was more effective…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 31
Patrick Cockburn discusses the bloody history of Baghdad. Kent Paterson discusses the challenging of a militarized police state. Medea Benjamin discusses the broken promises of Obama. Martha Rosenberg interviews Michael Arria. Jeffrey St. Clair discusses the recently passed away, Gabriel Kolko. Justin Raimondo discusses how a CIA backed general recently launched a coup in Libya….