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È Censura Solo Quando la Fanno gli Altri
L’attacco deplorevole contro il giornale satirico Charlie Hebdo, in cui dei terroristi hanno ucciso dodici persone e ferito altre undici, ha provocato diverse reazioni tra il pubblico, i media più sensibili e i capi di stato che pensano di trarne profitto politico. Nel panico generale, l’islamofobia è riemersa (per via delle ragioni religiose dell’attacco) e…
In Memory of the Charlie Hebdo Victims
Words can hardly convey the grief and disgust felt at Wednesday’s executions of the editor, cartoonists, and others — 10 people in all — at France’s satirical weekly magazine,Charlie Hebdo. Two policemen also were killed, and 11 other people were wounded by the three fanatics who reportedly declared they were avenging the prophet Muhammad, founder of…
It’s Only Censorship When They Do It
The deplorable attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, in which terrorists killed 12 and wounded 11, incited several reactions from the public, the sensitized media, and heads of state who hope to extract political gain from the matter. Amidst the generalized panic, Islamophobia has risen once again (due to the religious motivations of the attack) and…
Missing Comma: The Pen and the Sword
This morning, there are twelve people who are dead who should not be. Nine journalists, a maintenance worker and two police officers were killed at the Paris headquarters of French satire newspaper Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday. Eleven more were injured; four are still in critical condition as of this writing. Here is a list of the…
Nationalism, Isolationism and Libertarianism
Both nationalism and isolationism are incompatible with libertarianism. They emanate from the idea that the national collective is the basic moral unit of existence. If either flourishes, individualism and liberty suffer. Individual freedom can’t survive people being subordinated to a mystic national social super organism. Neither can it flourish when individuals limit the scope of…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 30
David Stockman discusses how the Vietnam War led to the war in Afghanistan and other wars today. Justin Raimondo discusses the troubling return of nationalism. Jayel Aheram discusses how Malala Yousafzai is being used as a puppet for imperialism. Philip Giraldi discusses torture, the Senate, and the CIA. Conor Friedersdorf discusses how No Place to…
Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty
WHAT is patriotism? Is it love of one’s birthplace, the place of childhood’s recollections and hopes, dreams and aspirations? Is it the place where, in childlike naivety, we would watch the fleeting clouds, and wonder why we, too, could not run so swiftly? The place where we would count the milliard glittering stars, terror-stricken lest…
Good Riddance to Bin Laden — Now Get Rid of the Blinders
Darian Worden cautions that the death of bin Laden does not solve the problems that enabled his rise to fame.
“Onto the Ocean or Death!”
Ross Kenyon encounters what he terms “the nationalistic geoist argument” and discusses the consequences it has for the Free State Project, the Seasteading Institute, and all secessionists.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory