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Chi Sostiene la Libertà di Parola Dovrebbe Denunciare Charlie Hebdo
Ho saputo del terribile attacco agli impiegati di Charlie Hebdo da mia madre. Guardava i sottotitoli in televisione, telefono in mano, e cercava di mettersi in contatto con mio padre, che in quel momento era in viaggio in Europa. Ho sentito un’ondata di panico; è scomparsa la sensazione di essere completamente estraneo agli eventi. Mio…
Free Speech Supporters Should Still Criticise Charlie Hebdo
I was first made aware of the horrific attack on Charlie Hebdo employees by my mother. She was watching the rolling news coverage, phone in hand, trying to contact my father who was travelling on the Eurostar at the time. A wave of panic rushed through me; the sense of being far removed from such…
È Censura Solo Quando la Fanno gli Altri
L’attacco deplorevole contro il giornale satirico Charlie Hebdo, in cui dei terroristi hanno ucciso dodici persone e ferito altre undici, ha provocato diverse reazioni tra il pubblico, i media più sensibili e i capi di stato che pensano di trarne profitto politico. Nel panico generale, l’islamofobia è riemersa (per via delle ragioni religiose dell’attacco) e…
In Memory of the Charlie Hebdo Victims
Words can hardly convey the grief and disgust felt at Wednesday’s executions of the editor, cartoonists, and others — 10 people in all — at France’s satirical weekly magazine,Charlie Hebdo. Two policemen also were killed, and 11 other people were wounded by the three fanatics who reportedly declared they were avenging the prophet Muhammad, founder of…
It’s Only Censorship When They Do It
The deplorable attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, in which terrorists killed 12 and wounded 11, incited several reactions from the public, the sensitized media, and heads of state who hope to extract political gain from the matter. Amidst the generalized panic, Islamophobia has risen once again (due to the religious motivations of the attack) and…
Missing Comma: The Pen and the Sword
This morning, there are twelve people who are dead who should not be. Nine journalists, a maintenance worker and two police officers were killed at the Paris headquarters of French satire newspaper Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday. Eleven more were injured; four are still in critical condition as of this writing. Here is a list of the…
To Encourage and Facilitate
In my summary of the C4SS vs IP episode, I made it clear that, We would even be happy to encourage and facilitate a conversation with members of the Muslim community for him, if he so desires. It would be a good learning experience for all of us. To take steps toward honoring this declaration…
How the State Promotes Authoritarianism
Carson: The US government arguably has a conscious interest in promoting authoritarianism abroad.
Giving a Demagogue a Scapegoat to Stand On
Darian Worden on Peter King’s congressional witch-hunt.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
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The Anatomy of Escape
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