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Trying so fucking hard to be good but soon maybe you will see  the only thing that i am good at is fucking things up again and again and again at least you can depend on me for that right? you think that it is so sad when i am alone but when i am…
Le Scarpette di Aylan
Pace in terra agli uomini che il Signore gradisce! In un mondo in conflitto, questa è l’ora della pace. Parlo dei nostri angeli pacifici ad ogni festività. Spero di poter sostituire presto “conflitto” con “amore”. Un altro anno è finito, un anno pieno di guerra. Non possiamo aspettarci la fine della guerra se prima non…
Aylan’s Shoes
Peace on Earth and goodwill to all — in a world of conflict, tis the season of peace. I write about the peaceful angels of our nature every holiday season. I hope to replace “conflict” with “love” soon. Another year over, and it was full of war. But we cannot expect the end of war…
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory