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Once Again, a Tired Pro-Capitalist Argument Rears Its Stupid Head
As if Thomas Sowell weren’t sufficient to demonstrate the intellectual bankruptcy of pro-capitalist apologetics, we now have corporate apologists trolling the #ResistCapitalism hashtag on Twitter. Although most of the people using it today seem to think it’s an original piece of wit they just came up with on their own, the “Lookit them tweeting #ResistCapitalism…
Building a Movement With Less Hiding Space for Foulness on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents William Gillis‘s “Building a Movement With Less Hiding Space for Foulness” read by Thomas J. Webb and edited by Nick Ford. Socialist movements are famous for cloaking foulness under organizational bureaucracy and losing real horrors in opportunistic firing circles. But many libertarians seem content to worship a noxious kind of callousness…
Le Scarpette di Aylan
Pace in terra agli uomini che il Signore gradisce! In un mondo in conflitto, questa è l’ora della pace. Parlo dei nostri angeli pacifici ad ogni festività. Spero di poter sostituire presto “conflitto” con “amore”. Un altro anno è finito, un anno pieno di guerra. Non possiamo aspettarci la fine della guerra se prima non…
Aylan’s Shoes
Peace on Earth and goodwill to all — in a world of conflict, tis the season of peace. I write about the peaceful angels of our nature every holiday season. I hope to replace “conflict” with “love” soon. Another year over, and it was full of war. But we cannot expect the end of war…
Anarchism and its Deeper Commitments
Anarchism & Non-Domination Will says that I “[c]learly come from an anarcho-capitalist, individualist, strain of anarchism, which is not necessarily well-versed in the social strands of anarchism that see anarchism as synonymous with participatory decision-making processes, rather than simply voluntary association.” First of all: I do not consider myself an anarcho-capitalist. I take “capitalism” as…
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