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Anarchism and its Deeper Commitments
Anarchism & Non-Domination Will says that I “[c]learly come from an anarcho-capitalist, individualist, strain of anarchism, which is not necessarily well-versed in the social strands of anarchism that see anarchism as synonymous with participatory decision-making processes, rather than simply voluntary association.” First of all: I do not consider myself an anarcho-capitalist. I take “capitalism” as…
“Unequal Contracts, Unequal Power” by Kevin Carson on C4SS Media
C4SS Media would like to present Kevin Carson‘s “Unequal Contracts, Unequal Power”, read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford.
Неравные контракты — неравная власть
Кевином Карсоном: В любом случае, это государство выступает на стороне капиталистов, арендо- и работодателей и дает им полную власть в деле заключения контрактов, с помощью которых они в свою очередь могут диктовать условия работникам и потребителям.
Contratos Desiguales, Poder Desigual
Kevin Carson: Demasiados libertarios de la Derecha política y cultural se identifican instintivamente con empleadores, propietarios inmobiliarios, y proveedores de servicios cuando se trata de estos temas. Y comenten un error fundamental al hacerlo.
Unequal Contracts, Unequal Power
Kevin Carson: Too many libertarians on the political and cultural Right instinctively identify with employers, landlords, and service providers on this issue. They are fundamentally wrong-headed to do so.
Unequal Contracts, Unequal Power
Kevin Carson: In every case, it is the state which intervenes on the side of capitalists, landlords and employers, and puts them in a position of superior bargaining power from which they can dictate the terms of contract with workers and consumers.
Slavery Contracts and Inalienable Rights: A Formulation
Free Nation that undertook to enforce slavery contracts would not be a Free Nation worth fighting to build or to defend.
Everything you think you know about the McDonald’s coffee case is wrong
Seth Goldin: When is a contract not enforceable? When shouldn’t a contract be enforced?
The Anatomy of Escape
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
Free Markets & Capitalism?
Organization Theory
Conscience of an Anarchist