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Propriedade Intelectual e o Seu Direito de Matar
​De Kevin Carson. Artigo original: “Intellectual Property” Keeps Right On Killing. Traduzido para o português por Gabriel Serpa. Os habituais apologistas das grandes empresas do agronegócio, como o colaborador da revista Reason, Ron Bailey, citam estudos que demonstram a improbabilidade de o glifosato, ingrediente ativo do herbicidaRoundup, causar câncer nas concentrações que aparecem em produtos de supermercado….
“Intellectual Property” Keeps Right On Killing
Habitual apologists for agribusiness like Reason‘s Ron Bailey gushingly cite studies that show glyphosate, the “active ingredient” in Roundup, is unlikely to cause cancer in the concentrations that appear in supermarket produce. But as it turns out, the focus on glyphosate may actually have been a distraction. There’s evidence (“New Evidence About the Dangers of…
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Ross Kenyon comments on the “shakedown” of BP and the American government’s inability to be trusted to handle this situation in an ethical or productive manner.
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