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Paul Krugman conquista os marcianos
Paul Krugman recentemente argumentou que “conquistar é para perdedores” (“Conquest is for Losers“, New York Times, 21 de Dezembro) como Vladimir Putin: “Não é possível tratar uma sociedade moderna da forma que a antiga Roma tratava uma província conquistada sem destruir as riquezas que você está tentando conquistar. Nesse meio tempo, a guerra ou a…
Paul Krugman Conquers the Martians
Paul Krugman recently argued that “Conquest Is for Losers” (New York Times, December 21) like Vladimir Putin: “You can’t treat a modern society the way ancient Rome treated a conquered province without destroying the very wealth you’re trying to seize. And meanwhile, war or the threat of war, by disrupting trade and financial connections, inflicts large costs…
Paul Krugman: “Leave Obama Alone” on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Trevor Hultner‘s “Paul Krugman: “Leave Obama Alone”” read by Christopher B. King and edited by Nick Ford. Krugman believes that the president has “[changed] the country for the better,” despite bitter opposition from the GOP in Congress and people from the left, right and center on the outside. Krugman believes that the supposedly positive…
To Paul Krugman: Thou Art the Man
Paul Krugman, in denouncing the excessive market power of Amazon (“Amazon’s Monopsony is Not OK,” New York Times, October 19), proclaims that the Robber Baron Era ended when “we as a nation” put an end to it. There’s a powerful story in the book of 2 Samuel about the prophet Nathan confronting King David after…
Paul Krugman Stops Worrying About Income Inequality
Paul Krugman’s titling of his case against Amazon.com (“Amazon’s Monopsony Is Not OK,” New York Times, October 19) immediately rings alarm bells. The Nobel laureate economist surely understands that monopsony entails a sole buyer, not merely “a dominant buyer with the power to push prices down” in a particular market. Whatever its other faults, Amazon…
Paul Krugman: “Leave Obama Alone”
In his recent Rolling Stone cover story (“In Defense of Obama,” October 8), Nobel Prize-winning economist,  peak liberal and New York Times commentator Paul Krugman lays out what he believes is a qualified defense of Barack Obama’s presidency: A sycophantic love letter from a man who surely must know better, but either has chosen to ignore six years of…
Paul Krugman e as fantasias libertárias
Em artigo recente para o New York Times, Paul Krugman criticou os libertários por “viverem em um mundo de fantasia”, afirmando que há, normalmente, bons motivos para os burocratas ignorarem o julgamento individual em favor de suas próprias preferências. Quando alguém afirma que se opõe a um livre mercado pleno, o que essa pessoa na…
Krugman on Libertarian Fantasies
In a recent piece in the New York Times, Paul Krugman arraigns libertarians for “living in a fantasy world,” telling us that there is usually a “very good reason” for bureaucrats to substitute their judgment for our own. When one asserts that he is opposed to an untrammeled free market, all he is really saying…
Paul Krugman’s Foolish Fantasy of What Libertarianism Is
Well, that didn’t take long. The morning after The New York Times Magazine publishes the Gray Lady’s most charitable and understanding in-depth treatment of libertarianism since the modern movement’s emergence in the 1970s, Paul Krugman had ready his obligatory harrumphing dismissal. Getting into his economic-wonk comfort zone as quickly as possible, Krugman perfunctorily brushes past the entire…
Para Escapar da Roda do Hamster
No final, teremos de encontrar algum meio de sair da roda do hamster.
Getting Off the Hamster Wheel
Kevin Carson on Krugman and Keynesianism.
Ricochets of D’Souza and Krugman
Paul Krugman and Dinesh D’Souza both wander past the point that is always dying to be made: producers should own what they labor to create, and the status quo is not the product of a free market.
Defending Aggressors is not a Market Virtue
Ross Kenyon comments on the “shakedown” of BP and the American government’s inability to be trusted to handle this situation in an ethical or productive manner.
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