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The Keystone Pipeline is Land Theft
The US Congress approved construction of the Keystone XL pipeline’s fourth phase on February 11, with the bill scheduled to land on president Barack Obama’s desk for a likely veto sometime after the “President’s Day” recess. Near-unanimous support for Keystone from self-proclaimed “conservatives” and “libertarians” is disappointing but unsurprising. This government land grab is just…
Fracking: Poster Child for the Corporate Welfare State
Just about every week another story comes to my attention confirming the complete and total government-dependency of fracking — beloved of so many self-proclaimed “free market” advocates on the libertarian right. Something about eminent domain to build the pipelines, or liability caps for spills, or regulatory approval of unsafe pipelines superseding tort liability for negligence, and…
Una Buena Razón para No Construir el Oleoducto Keystone XL: La Justicia
El calificativo de “libertario” pierde su significado si no implica la defensa de la justicia. No puede, ni debe, significar la legitimación del feudalismo siempre que éste “sea bueno para la economía”.
One Reason Not to Build the Keystone XL Pipeline: Justice
Byas: The Keystone XL pipeline has inspired a lot of controversy. For defenders of freed markets, however, it shouldn’t. Libertarians should emphatically and unequivocally oppose the pipeline.
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