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Mediazione e Propagazione Memetica: Strumenti dell’economia Diffusa
Di Siddharth Sthalekar. Originale: Memetic Propagation and Mediation: Tools for the Distributed Economy, 6 luglio 2020. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. L’ordine di stare a casa imposto durante la pandemia mi è tristemente famigliare. Mi ricorda il mese di coprifuoco durante le rivolte di Bombay, quando avevo undici anni. La vita comunitaria dominava la nostra società…
Memetic Propagation and Mediation: Tools for the Distributed Economy
There’s an eerie familiarity to the stay-at-home orders issued during COVID-19. I can’t help but relate this to my experience as an 11 year old during the month-long curfew after the communal riots of Bombay.  Growing up in India, communal life dominated our lives. While the state functioned along the lines of rigid, monopolistic, soviet-socialist…
Gandhi the Anarchist
A complex man with a controversial legacy, Mohandas Gandhi remains one of the pioneers of civil disobedience as a political weapon and a giant in 20th century anti-colonialism. An individualist anarchist who motivated millions to fight to liberate themselves from British rule, his success showed a potentially powerful application of libertarian ideas during a major…
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