Jaimine Vaishnav

Without fearing any iota of consequences, Jaimine Vaishnav writes very boldly on the areas of society, culture, hindutva and economics. He has been an anarcho-capitalist in the past and was interviewed by a few US libertarian podcasters for the same. He regrets it because the philosophy led to the rise of Trump (Klanism). He has done graffiti “Taxation is Theft” on the public walls in Mumbai, India, for which he was interviewed by the mainstream media. Currently, he is in his final years of PhD in politics. He can be contacted on twitter (@jaiminism). He does not use facebook because it has compromised with the ruling Government of India. Refer the report on Wall Street Journal (2020): “Facebook’s Hate-Speech Rules Collide With Indian Politics”


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18 May 2021
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