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Disuguaglianza Come Gioco a Somma Zero
Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato l’undici febbraio 2016 con il titolo Inequality is a Zero-Sum Game. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. In un recente commento (“Economic Inequality”, gennaio 2016), l’investitore Paul Graham difende la disuguaglianza dicendo che non è necessariamente il risultato di un gioco a somma zero. Solitamente non lo è, dice. E accusa “gli…
What is Money for Nothing?
Michael Gibson tries to demonstrate the infeasibility of a universal basic income by showing that people actually like to work, as evidenced by the increase of hours relative to increased prosperity witnessed during the 20th and 21st centuries. According to him, a UBI would not work as major disincentives are created, which Gibson shows by…
Inequality is a Zero-Sum Game
In a recent commentary (“Economic Inequality,” January 2016), venture capitalist Paul Graham defends inequality on the grounds that it’s not necessarily the result of a zero-sum game. In fact, he says, it’s usually not. He accuses “the most naive” critics of growing levels of economic inequality of starting out from “the pie fallacy: that the…
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