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Anda Tidak Sendiri!: Paritas Stigmergik dan Pemberontakan
Emmi Bevensee. Teks aslinya berjudul “You Are Not Alone!: Stigmergic Parity and Revolt.” Diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Indonesia oleh Ameyuri Ringo dan Sachadru. Bakar Bendera Hitam Di hampir setiap kota besar dan sebagian besar kota kecil, ada anarkis, atau orang-orang dengan nilai-nilai anarkis tanpa label, merencanakan cara untuk menciptakan ruang bagi proyek-proyek radikal kami yang mempromosikan…
Setting Sights
Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato il 7 maggio 2019 con il titolo Review: Setting Sights. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Setting Sights: Histories and Reflections on Community Armed Self-Defense. Edited by Scott Crow, with Foreword by Ward Churchill (Oakland: PM Press, 2018). Trovo spesso difficile commentare il movimento del diritto a possedere armi, ho opinioni piuttosto…
Review: Setting Sights
I often have difficulty expressing an opinion on the gun rights movement, because my views are so ambivalent. Principled arguments for gun rights based on resistance to unjust authority resonate strongly with me. I’m very aware of the historic association of limitations on gun ownership with issues of social control of the working class, going…
You Are Not Alone!: Stigmergic Parity and Revolt
Burn the Black Flag In nearly every major city and most small towns, there are anarchists, or people with unlabeled anarchist values, plotting ways to create space for our radical projects promoting positive freedom. In most cities, our efforts are duly encumbered with the toil of filling in the abyss of gaps in state services:…
The Oath Keepers’ Colonial Mindset
Oath Keeper presence in Ferguson has been an issue boiling beneath the surface since the 2014 riots. Members began showing up when community hostility spilled over into the streets; Oath Keepers appointed themselves protectors of Ferguson property from looters. Reception was mixed, but some members of the community welcomed them and allowed them to patrol their storefronts.
People Still Can’t Breathe. Police Still Don’t Care
Little more than a year after the death of Eric Garner at the hands of the NYPD, another man with a family and a case of asthma has been killed by a reckless police force. Troy Goode was visiting Mississippi for a concert. As many concert goers do, Goode got drunk. Goode’s wife, who was…
Some Thoughts on Non-Coercively Organizing Territorial Defense in a Stateless Society — Overcoming the Free Rider Problem
To a large extent, discussion of this issue tends to be dominated either by anarcho-capitalists who think in terms of for-profit protection “firms” or insurance companies, or communists and syndicalists who for the most part don’t frame issues in terms of the “non-aggression principle” or “initiation of force.” So where does that leave those of…
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Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
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