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Pacifismo e Inerzia
Politicamente morti Di Black Cat. Originale pubblicato il 22 marzo 2019 con il titolo Pacifism and the Pacifistic: a Tale of the Politically Dead. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Ci sono ancora, purtroppo, anche tra gli attivisti di sinistra, persone inerti, pacifisti ad oltranza. Ovvero, persone non solo intenzionalmente, esplicitamente pacifiste: tutti i pacifisti sono tali….
Pacifism and the Pacifistic: a Tale of the Politically Dead
Sadly, there are still some people — people within the activist left, even, who are pacifistic. When I describe someone as pacifistic, I do not only mean that they are intentional, explicit pacifists — though, yes, all pacifists are pacifistic. By ‘pacifistic’ I don’t mean that they are explicit pacifists, but that they are irrationally…
An Anarchist Response to the Free Speech Debate
Introduction Once championed by anarchists, leftists, and liberals; in recent times, free speech has become a right-wing talking point. Where the free-speech movement of the 60s opposed government sanctions on protest and dissent, the political right largely focuses on the following issues; right-wing speakers being denied platforms, social media censorship, the use of accusations such…
A chi Critica l’antifascismo
Di Naomi Edhellos. Originale pubblicato il 7 novembre 2017 con il titolo On Antifa’s Critics. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Tredicesimo saggio del November Mutual Exchange Symposium: Freedom of Speech and Political Violence. Ho abbastanza anni da ricordare quando anche solo manifestare la propria opposizione al fascismo era considerato criticabile. Lasciamo perdere il fatto che il…
Don’t Extend Gang Classification, Abolish It
After antifa clashed with right-wing protesters in Berkeley, Mayor Jesse Arreguin argued that California “should classify [Antifa] as a gang.” Later this month, juggalos – fans of the rap group Insane Clown Posse (ICP) – will protest their own federal gang classification in Washington, DC. Gang classification is commonly misunderstood. ICP themselves were originally amused…
We Will Defeat the Authoritarian Nationalists
Human liberty has been won in hard fights against powerful interests and systems, but the progress of liberty can be set back. The rise of authoritarian nationalism is a serious threat to the liberty of people around the world. It is a threat that must be defeated. In authoritarian nationalism, a select group will rule…
The Anatomy of Escape
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
Free Markets & Capitalism?
Organization Theory
Conscience of an Anarchist