Call For Help For Elizabeth Sciabarra (Ms. Ski)

This is the kind of appeal that the family of Elizabeth Sciabarra (Ms. Ski to her students) never wanted to post. But we are facing some very difficult realities. My sister became seriously ill and nearly died in November 2020, which was followed by extensive spinal surgery in mid-March 2021. We nearly lost her again in mid-October 2021. Since that time, she has been receiving in-home hospice. As her devoted brother, I have been her primary caregiver—despite dealing with my own lifelong medical issues. As my own health has been compromised over these many months, we have been compelled to turn to health aides to assist with my sister’s in-home care.

My sister brings in a pension from her many years of service as an educator in the New York City public school system. She also brings in a Social Security retirement check. Given the state of American healthcare, she is in the unenviable position of being in that great “middle” ground where so many others find themselves—not “wealthy” enough to cover all her medical expenses; too “wealthy” to qualify for Medicaid. As a woman who has worked for over fifty years, and paid millions of dollars in taxes to local, state, and federal governments, she qualifies for a single Medicare home health aide, 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, though she needs 24/7 care.

Having maxed-out some assistance from the Council of Supervisors and Administrators for both the 2021 and 2022 calendar years, she is spending, on average, approximately $15,000 a month on aides and other non-insured medical supplies—more than she earns with her pension and Social Security combined. She has sold her car, exhausted her savings, and cashed-in retirement accounts—paying taxes on that too. Complete financial collapse can be avoided if my sister is placed in a Medicare-insured inpatient hospice, which would constitute a dramatic change to her quality of life. She wanted to remain at home, but without the financial capacity to do so, she will be compelled to make a decision that will break all our hearts. And hers most of all. Out of personal embarrassment and a sense of pride, she never wanted to make an appeal such as this. But after being in-and-out of hospitals and medical facilities for 17 months, even she realizes that this situation is financially unsustainable, threatening her ability to pay for even the basic necessities of life … food, clothing, and shelter.

We appreciate anything anyone can offer; we have no hope of paying anyone back. We only hope that a woman who, as an educator, devoted her life to helping thousands upon thousands of children and young adults, can raise enough funds that would allow her a level of dignity moving forward—despite the serious health challenges she continues to face every hour of every day.


Chris Matthew Sciabarra (on behalf of my sister)


Anarchist Black Cross Musical Solidarity

One way that you can support anarchists in Ukraine is by purchasing Mother Anarchy:

A benefit album to raise money for anarchist and anti-authoritarians defending their communities against invasion in Ukraine, specifically the Committee of Defense affiliated to the Black Headquarters. All proceeds of this compilation will go to the Dresden Anarchist Black Cross, which is coordinating aid to these comrades.

Even if you can’t afford the $8 price tag right now, the music is still worth checking out. Defiant, somber, irreverent, and radical, Mother Anarchy spans borders, languages, and genres alike.

Mutual Exchange Radio: Special Cast – Inside Operation Solidarity

Host Alex McHugh interviews Salem, one of the founders of the radical humanitarian project Operation Solidarity, which is helping to organize anarchist resistance to the invasion as well as humanitarian support networks.

If you’re able to support this vital project with funding or material aid, please click through the linktree below.

CALL TO ACTION: Stop Upcoming “Patriotic Socialist Rally” in Austin, Texas

Tomorrow, March 12th, a group of self-proclaimed “patriotic socialists” (i.e. reactionaries) are gathering at the Austin Southpark Hotel. The event, “Free America from Neo-Liberalism,” will be hosted by Russia Today reporter and r/okaybuddytankie favorite Caleb Maupin, joined by Jackson Hinkle, Sameera Khan, Peter Coffin & Ms ACD, and Haz From “Infrared.” The rap sheet for all of these individuals is long, exhausting, and, for our present purposes, pointless. This is a deliberate attempt to radicalize white southerners with a surface-level emphasis on anti-imperialism and resisting neoliberal sorry, “neo-liberalism.”

The venue, as of right now, has no idea who these people are. One phone call can change that.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Call the Austin Southpark Hotel at (512) 448-2222
  2. Tell them you’re making an inquiry about an event on March 12th titled “Free America from Neo-liberalism”
  3. Ask the clerk to take a message for the manager (if the manager is on the line, all the better)
    • Make sure you state Caleb Maupin’s full name and his direct ties to Russia Today
    • Express your concern that “heavy security” will be provided by Maupin/The Center for Political Innovation
    • Emphasize first and foremost that these people (and of course Caleb himself) are spreading Russian propaganda in the explicit interest of spreading disinformation and radicalizing locals to side with Russia
  4. Remind them that you are a concerned caller who is worried about the kind of crowd (i.e. violent and disruptive folks) this will attract and the reputation of the hotel. You’re doing this for the hotel, not yourself.

This is only a rough outline of what, in my own experience, led the person on the other line to follow through. Feel free to add or omit whatever details you see fit.

Obviously there are many, many other more important issues with these folks than their ties to Russia, ranging from vehement antisemitism to genocide denial — and you’re absolutely free to recount these issues. I offer these points of emphasis mainly in the interest of your (and the hotel staff’s) time and to ensure this message is focused on issues that directly concern hotel management. As receptive as these folks seem to be, they probably don’t care about politics as much as we do, so I suggest emphasizing these core talking points instead. Remember, you’re trying to influence management at a private business, they don’t have time for a rant about the messy details of Maupin’s poor excuse for “journalism” (no matter how warranted it may be).

We will always stand against the tanks no matter where they roll up. Will you stand with us?

Mutual Exchange Radio: Special Cast – Inside the Russian Resistance

MER host Alex McHugh interviews C4SS Russian translator Citizen Ilya on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, anarchist resistance to war, and what things look like on the ground in Russia. 

We intend this to be a two-part series. An interview with some of the folks behind the anarchist humanitarian project for Ukraine, Operation Solidarity, is forthcoming in the next week or so.


Mutual Exchange Radio: Sarah Skwire on What We Can Learn from Literature

In this month’s episode, Alex McHugh interviews Sarah Skwire, Senior Fellow and Director of Communications at Liberty Fund about the importance of studying literature and language, and why social scientists should pay attention to works of fiction and literary history.

We got into quite a few interesting topics, including Shakespeare, early modern debates on economics, and how literature can be an excellent site for studying social debates from multiple sides and perspectives.

Sarah’s work can be found most often in the following places:

Next month, look out for Cory Massimino’s episode with Abigail Devereaux to discuss her work on complexity economics. We’ll also hopefully be publishing several bonus episodes about Ukraine in the coming month or so. It’s currently uncertain when those interviews will be done, but we’re in contact with anarchists in both Ukraine and Russia and working on getting a few dispatches together.

The Enragés: Boycotting Bad People with William Gillis

For the 13th installment of The Enragés, host Joel Williamson met with William Gillis to discuss Will’s article titled “Bad People: Irredeemable Individuals & Structural Incentives.”

William Gillis is a second-generation anarchist, lapsed physicist, and transhumanist, who has been interested in the egalitarian potential of markets since 2003. Will is the former Lead coordinator at C4SS whose writing can be found at the Center as well as

To get early access to episodes like this one, bonus content, and more, support C4SS on Patreon today!

Meet the Hosts: Cory Massimino & Alex McHugh

This year, C4SS Fellow Cory Massimino joins Alex McHugh as a host for Mutual Exchange Radio. For this first episode of the season, we sat down together to talk about intellectual influences, the upcoming podcast season, and C4SS’s forthcoming Mutual Exchange Symposium on Egoism and Anarchism.

See the Mutual Exchange Symposium here starting Tuesday, Feb. 2nd.

This should also be our last late release for a while (huge thanks to Cory here!) and we’ll be getting back on schedule in February. So, look out for episodes to post publicly on the last Friday of each month, and about a week early for our supporters on Patreon.


Here’s what’s coming up soon: 

New Year, New Focus

As my listeners may have noticed, there has not been a new episode of the Green Market Agorist podcast this month. This is because Green Market Agorist will be taking a backseat for the time being as I focus on other projects. Dont worry! The podcast isn’t over! It’s not even officially on hiatus so much as it will be switching to a much more sporadic schedule.

There are many reasons for this. Things have become a lot busier in my personal life and trying to schedule guest interviews for each month is a lot of work to keep up with right now. I am so behind that I have not even made the switch from Anchor to Libsyn like I promised months ago. Switching to a more sporadic schedule allows me to schedule cool interviews that I think are relevant to the podcast while making sure that those individual interviews are of a higher quality. This also allows me the time to finally switch things over to being hosted on Libsyn alongside the rest of the C4SS podcasting network and add transcriptions for each episode to make them more accessible.

Switching to a more sporadic schedule also allows me to put more focus back into my writing and prepare for the 3rd year of Coup de Gras, our yearly anarchist Mardi Gras festival in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. Be sure to keep an eye out on here for more upcoming writing of mine and be sure to check out to buy your tickets to Coup de Gras 3: Tammany Drift today!

LIVE on Thursday: Coup de Gras Carnival Kickoff Livestream

As some may have heard, the Center for a Stateless Society has joined Krewe de Main as a co-host of this year’s upcoming Coup de Gras festival. Coup de Gras is an annual radical Mardi Gras festival launched in 2020 by Krewe de Main, an anarchist Carnival krewe based around the former Coup de Main land project in Southern Louisiana.

We also have a few exciting virtual and local events leading up to the festival, which takes place from February 25th to March 3rd. First, to get some hype going, and raise some funds for the event, we’ll be putting on our first ever Anti-Nazi Gaming League livestream this Thursday, starting at 4:00 PM CST. Some of our writers, scholars, and friends will be on the stream to game, chat, and hype up the festival. I hope many of you will tune in and consider supporting the stream. All funding will go towards Coup de Gras event expenses, with any extra funds raised going to our ongoing writer fundraisers for Logan Marie Glitterbomb and Anna Morgenstern. We’ll stream until we hit $1,000!

We hope to see you at this premiere livestream for the benefit of Coup de Gras!

Major guests on the stream include:

Where to watch:

Director’s Report: C4SS in 2021

Breathe in…. Breathe out… 

Wow what a year. After everything that 2020 brought, I think we were all expecting 2021 to feel like a bit of a break. Boy, were we wrong. Much like the rest of the world, we’ve had a tumultuous time here at the Center for a Stateless Society. 

While it’s easy to focus on the struggles, we’ve had some immense successes this year as well. It feels like the world is ready to give our particular flavor of anarchism a chance. People are continuing to leave party politics in droves, worker power is reaching a high-water mark, and the continued compression of everyday people between COVID and the slow collapse of global capitalism is leaving us with few alternatives to radical solidarity.

So let me start by thanking all of you for your radical solidarity in supporting C4SS throughout this crucial and difficult time. 

When we were kicked off of PayPal just a week before the NYC Anarchist Bookfair, it was easy to feel like all was lost. We’re still not exactly sure what triggered the move, but it seems likely the financial powers-that-be are realizing how much of a threat our work could pose. We know, for one thing, that other anarchist organizations were kicked off around the same time. 

While we’re still working out some of the kinks, your quick responses to our call for support allowed us to keep kicking. And not only that: but, for the first time in a few years, all of our projects are fully funded for the immediate future. As supporters and friends of the Center, I’m sure you know how much we’re able to do with very little. I’m extremely excited to see what’s possible with the kind of support we’re receiving now. 

We’ve also had some growth on the Coordinator team, with Enrico Sanna joining the crew as Translations Coordinator this year. It’s been a while since we’ve had a dedicated translations coordinator and it’s allowed us to do some really amazing things. In particular, Enrico has been working with our translators to expand our Stateless Embassies program and to re-invigorate our translations program. One goal that unites us at C4SS is the desire to see human beings freed from the bonds of national borders. So, Enrico’s work and the work of our many translators is central to our mission. 

This year, we’ve added new languages to our list, including Tagalog and Catalan. You can see the full list of Stateless Embassies here. Enrico has also worked with some of our star translators to produce translations of larger studies, such as Kevin Carson’s Libertarian Municipalism, or Municipalismo Libertario. We’re excited to continue the growth of the translations program, as well as the “Around the World” interview series on Mutual Exchange Radio

This is one area in which the recent wave of support has been especially impactful. Ethereum and other funding options are allowing us to continue paying translators despite losing access to PayPal. 

Another big announcement is that we’ll be co-hosting a radical, outdoor Mardi Gras festival in February 2022! 

Coup de Gras is an annual radical Mardi Gras festival launched in 2020 by Krewe de Main, an anarchist Carnival krewe based around the former Coup de Main land project in Southern Louisiana. This year, we’ve joined on as co-hosts to plan a five-day camping festival filled with panels, speakers, workshops, skillshares, vendors, cookouts, and parties, all culminating in the Coup de Gras Ball on Mardi Gras Day. We’re looking forward to seeing many of you there!

If you want a sneak-peek, join us on Thursday, 1/6 for a gaming livestream with some appearances from C4SS scholars

A major goal we had going into this year was to focus on increased outreach. Despite the challenges of doing outreach during a pandemic, we found a few ways to get our name and ideas out there. We had many speakers attend the virtual version of Coup de Gras this past February. And we’ve been encouraging writers to tackle basic questions around market anarchism and LWMA politics in the hopes of bringing new people in. 

This fall, though, we were able to finally table in person again. I personally visited the NYC Annual Anarchist Bookfair with Center fellows Nathan Goodman and Kelly Wright. We were blown away by the reception we received there. Maybe it’s just that everyone was excited to finally be at an in-person event again, but almost no one flinched at a table with the word “markets” all over it, and we got rid of just about everything!

Then, a week later, we sent Tony Dreher and Christopher Hudson Jr. down to Nashville for the annual Students For Liberty conference, now called Freer Future Fest. We got a few more confused faces there, but it was great to reach more students and to steer them towards fuller and fairer expressions of individualist anarchism. Chris and Tony both talked to quite a few curious college students. 

Huge thanks to those of you who made both of these trips possible by funding book shipments so we could be there, despite all our funding being tied up in PayPal at the time. 

Some of this success in tabling is attributable to the absolutely beautiful books we’ve been able to put out this year. With cover art designed by renowned anarchist artist N.O. Bonzo, we have two new books out this year. Liberatory Technology is our “homebrew edition” of Pyotr Kropotkin’s Fields, Factories and Workshops, together with Murray Bookchin’s essay “Towards a Liberatory Technology,” a Comprehensive Introduction, and the C4SS Studies “The Anarchist Thought of Colin Ward” & “The Homebrew Industrial Revolution” by Kevin Carson.

Defiant Insistence: Anarchist, Anthropologist, Fellow Worker is our way of remembering and honoring the late David Graeber. It features essays from C4SS in conversation with Graeber, or which build on his path-breaking work. Our fellow worker will be dearly missed, and we hope this publication stands as a fitting memorial. 

Next year, look out for even more from C4SS’s ever-growing publishing project, including a collection called TOTAL ABOLITION.

Finally, look out for some changes to the C4SS Masthead soon! Some of these are changes we just haven’t announced yet, such as Eric Fleischmann coming on as assistant editing coordinator, Can Standke taking over more and more as assistant audio coordinator, and a few other younger folks getting more involved with our work. But we’re also in the process of re-working how our masthead is organized. If you’re a former fellow, chair, coordinator, or regular writer, and you haven’t heard from us yet, please do reach out to discuss how we should list you on the new masthead in 2022. 

We greatly appreciate everything you do and are looking forward to building a better world together. Please tell all your friends about us and keep in mind that the best way to support C4SS moving forward is by funding us on Patreon! And if you’re looking for other ways to give, or more information about crypto donations, just give us a shout at

Onward to greater heights!



Alex McHugh
Coordinating Director, Center for a Stateless Society

Mutual Exchange Radio: Nathan Goodman on Border Militarization and Foreign Policy

In our final episode for the year, Alex McHugh interviews a return guest to the show Nathan Goodman. We focus on Nathan’s recent paper, published with Chris Coyne, “U.S. Border Militarization and Foreign Policy: A Symbiotic Relationship.”

Nathan is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Economics at New York University, affiliated with the Program on the Foundations of the Market Economy. He earned his Ph.D. in economics at George Mason University, where he was a Ph.D. fellow with the Mercatus Center and a Graduate Fellow with the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Nathan’s research broadly focuses on political economy, applied microeconomics, market process economics, New Institutional Economics, and defense economics. He analyzes how alternative institutional arrangements shape the provision of security. 

Some notes about next season:

  • The bonus MER episode is still coming!
  • Another C4SS show, The Enragés, will be taking a break for the month of January. New Enragés episodes will start up again in Febraury.
The Enragés: Repel the Collective Machine with Shane Ross

For the 12th installment of The Enragés, host Joel Williamson met with Shane Ross to discuss their article titled “Malicious Faux-Individualism and Market Anti-Capitalism.” Shane is a Taoist, anarchist, and mutualist writer based in the twin cities.

Support Chiapas Communities Against Attacks!
The Democratic Socialists of America International Committee asks you urgently to donate and help us raise funds for the autonomous Indigenous communities under violent attack in Chiapas. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be sent directly to CDH Fray Bartolome de Las Casas (Frayba), a human rights organization in San Cristobal, Chiapas, that was founded in 1989 that accompanies and defends the autonomous communities. There has recently been spiraling and continuous paramilitary violence against the autonomous indigenous communities in Chiapas as the DSA International Committee has noted in our recent statement. This violence has included torture, kidnappings and continuous bombardment of schools and fields, causing widespread displacement and hunger, since indigenous farmers have been prevented by constant paramilitary gunfire from tending their crops. This is on top of the health crisis created by COVID. Solidarity has many components, and a crucial one is material solidarity. Comrades and friends. please donate to the struggles of the indigenous peoples of Chiapas to help them recover from these attacks and continue their struggle for their autonomy, their rights and their lands. Their struggle is our struggle.
Green Market Agorist Episode 19: Reconciling Social Ecology & Market Anarchism (feat. Mason Herson-Hord of the Institute for Social Ecology)

Can the market anarchist and social ecologist perspectives be reconciled? In this episode of Green Market Agorist, Logan interviews Mason Herson-Hord, an organizer and writer who also serves on the board of the Institute for Social Ecology. They discuss ecological philosophy, Mason’s work, and how markets and ecology might fit together. Now more than ever, these kinds of bridge building discussions are crucial to understanding what a post-capitalist world might look like.


  • Intro song: Greenwashing by Appalachian Terror Unit
  • Outro song: Liquid by Zoë Blade


Donate to Logan’s legal fund!  

Things are looking good for Logan, but it all hinges on her ability to keep making lawyer payments ASAP. Please give as much as you can and share the fundraiser widely. We’re so close to getting through this and just need a few more big pushes to make sure Logan comes out of this safely.

You can also buy this LIMITED EDITION shirt to help raise funds!

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Green Market Agorist Episode 18: From Nazi Bonehead to Libertarian Anarchist (feat. MilitiaSlim)
In this month’s episode, Logan Marie Glitterbomb talks with YouTuber MilitiaSlim about his recruitment into white supremacy as a teenager and his evolution into an anti-racist skinhead. Find MilitiaSlim on YouTube here.

  • Intro song: Greenwashing by Appalachian Terror Unit
  • Outro song: Secrets (Grooving mix) by Zoë Blade


Donate to Logan’s legal fund!  

Things are looking good for Logan, but it all hinges on her ability to keep making lawyer payments ASAP. She needs ~$1000 for her next lawyer payment THIS WEEK. Please give as much as you can and share the fundraiser widely. We’re so close to getting through this and just need a few more big pushes to make sure Logan comes out of this safely.

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The Enragés: Investigating Israel and Palestine with Sheldon Richman

In this eleventh episode of The Enragés, host Joel Williamson meets with prolific writer Sheldon Richman to discuss Zionism, the state of Israel, and whether or not there is hope for Palestinian freedom.

Sheldon Richman is a writer, editor, pipe smoker, free thinker, libertarian market anarchist, grouser, and flosser. Author of six books, including “What Social Animals Owe to Each Other”, “Coming to Palestine”, “America’s Counter-Revolution: The Constitution Revisited”, “Separating School and State: How to Liberate America’s Families”, “Separating School and State: How to Liberate America’s Families”, and “Tethered Citizens: Time to Repeal the Welfare State”. Most of his work can be found at

The questions you’re about to hear are pulled from a variety of articles Sheldon has written for the Center including US Rewards Israel’s Bad Behavior, Rethinking the U.S.-Israeli Relationship, Israel’s War on Gaza: The Context, and No “Compensation” to Israel for Iran Deal.

Big thanks to everyone who reached out with suggested questions and direction for this interview.

P.S. Please excuse the delay in posting this and other shows. We’re continuing to have technical issues with paying writers and others (although we’ve now made up a lot of the lost funding — thank you!!!!). So, the team has been focused on that as well as trying to get the C4SS Counter-Economic Store back up and running.

To that end: There will be two episodes of Mutual Exchange Radio this month, since we missed November. And we’ll be back on our regular schedule for Season 4 in January.

Anarcho-Pessimism and Other Texts Available at the Anarchist Library!

For the main part of the Laurance Labadie Archival Project, I am going through pdf scans and old hardcopies of Labadie’s work in order to convert them to digital text form for the Center for a Stateless Society website in order to make them more widely and freely available. However, it was always my intention to either not convert or leave for last Ardent Press’s anthology 2014 Anarcho-Pessimism: The Collected Writings of Laurance Labadie. It is therefore with relief and excitement that I have been informed by fellow archivists that this anthology and other texts are now available at The Anarchist Library

It was my intention to reproduce some of the pieces now present there—and those I have already transcribed and written commentary on will still be published at C4SS—but now my focus will be on those even rarer pieces seemingly only available in rare and vintage hardcopy. A big thanks to The Anarchist Library for making these texts available and for offering to help me going forward to make the pieces I am going to be converting to digital text available on their site. 

I hope very much that all of this is indicative of a renewed interest in Labadie!

Mutual Exchange Radio: Gary Chartier & Charles Johnson on “Markets Not Capitalism” 10 Years On

For the 10-year anniversary of what many would consider our foundational book, C4SS Mutual Exchange Coordinator Cory Massimino interviewed Markets Not Capitalism editors Charles Johnson and Gary Chartier. They discuss the legacy and impact of MNC ten years on!

If you’ve not read it, you can find the free .pdf and audiobook at:

Plus, look out for Patreon-exclusive interviews with some of the Markets Not Capitalism authors in the coming months as well as a Halloween edition of The Outgroup that we’ll be recording later today. Happy Halloween! ?

Become a Patron!

Announcing: The Laurance Labadie Archival Project

Laurance Labadie (1898-1975)—son of anarchist, labor organizer, and Greenbacker Jo Labadie—was a grouchy and hermetic man of a tradition that he felt had been left behind by so-called ‘progress’ and who kept unusual and, at times, deplorable company (years after his death, his friend James J. Martin would even take justifying anti-war positions to the point of Holocaust denialism). David S. D’Amato, perhaps the foremost scholar alive on Labadie, describes him as “a classic curmudgeon, quick to find fault and disinclined to suffer fools gladly” and “[m]arked by a deep and pronounced contempt for his fellow man.” He himself seemed not to believe that his ideas would ever have much impact on the world, and so he positioned himself as a kind of apocalyptic preacher of individualist anarchy; combining the deep pessimism of Arthur Schopenhauer, the amoralist egoism of Max Stirner, and the economic philosophies of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and Benjamin Tucker into a worldview that rivals any anarchist’s of any age in its fiery radicalism. D’Amato writes that his life “appears very much like his anarchism, a deliberate, often anachronistic struggle against the vogues and prevailing winds of his day, a hopeless attempt to revive an energy faded or extinguished entirely. His thought belonged to a libertarian strain regrettably anchored to those of the previous generation or two, to a time just before the ‘official’ anarchist movement coalesced firmly around communist and syndicalist patterns of thought.”

And yet despite his dark and, in his opinion, outdated view of the world, he is, at the very least, an essential figure in perpetuating the ideas that would lead to the contemporary left-wing market anarchist / freed market anti-capitalist movement. It is often pointed out that the individualist anarchism of Tucker and his acolytes, as Wayne Price writes, “was overtaken [within anarchism] by anarchist-communism. It died out, with remnants being assimilated into alien theories of ‘libertarian’ capitalism and so-called ‘anarcho-capitalism.’” However, Labadie—thanks, in part, to the particular set of decades in which he lived—serves as the essential puzzle piece in an underlying narrative that ties the Tuckerites directly to the reemergence of left-wing individualism with Karl Hess, Samuel Edward Konkin III, Robert Anton Wilson, and, at least for a period of time, Murray Rothbard, and what D’Amato sees as a 21st Century “individualist anarchist revival of sorts, [with] the internet allowing curious libertarians access to priceless treasures such as Shawn Wilbur’s Liberty archive, brought to the web from John Zube’s microfiche collection” (a project now run by the Union of Egoists website) and authors such as Kevin Carson, Roderick Long, Gary Chartier, and Charles Johnson establishing left-wing market anarchism as a contemporary school of thought as part of organizations such as the Molinari Institute, Alliance of the Libertarian Left, and Center for a Stateless Society. And this is all not even to mention the role played by the Joseph A. Labadie Collection at the University of Michigan, which, among numerous other pieces of radical literature, has preserved important North American mutualist and individualist anarchist writing.

Considering the theoretical and historical relevance of Labadie and his work to contemporary market anarchism, continued conversation and research is essential. And a great step in renewing this interest can be found in the forms of Ardent Press’s Anarcho-Pessimism: The Collected Writings Of Laurence Labadie and Ralph Myers Publisher’s Laurance Labadie: Selected Essays (number seven in their series Libertarian Broadsides). But not only is the latter of these almost exclusively available as a rough PDF scan*, but many of his works are available in only one place online or are, to my knowledge, completely unavailable except in rare and vintage hardcopy. Therefore, it is with great excitement that I announce the beginning of an enterprise christened the Laurance Labadie Archival Project, the goal of the project being to purchase or track down, reproduce in digital text form, and add commentary to numerous pieces by Labadie on the C4SS website so that they will be made more widely and freely available.

Finally, a big thanks to Center for a Stateless Society and Union of Egoists at, without whom this project would not have been possible.

Project Update as of 10/3/21: Anarcho-Pessimism and Other Texts Available at the Anarchist Library!

Project Update as of 12/9/21: All texts will be made available without commentary at The Anarchist Library.

Project Update as of 2/7/22: An additional thanks to the Joseph A. Labadie Collection for providing an incredible amount of materials for this project.

*Note: This book is actually available in hardcopy form through Underworld Amusements. Amended 1/26/22.

Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory