Apology from The Enragés
TW: Ableist Language

[Hear Eric Fleischmann’s apology on this episode of The Enragés]

In the very first episode of The Enragés that I hosted, I interviewed Andrew Kemle on his article “Libertarianism versus Psychopathic Dumbfuckery,” in which he criticizes the destructive pandemic policies of so-called libertarian politicians like Rand Paul as being similar to psychopathy. It was soon after pointed out to both me and Andrew—by folks both in and outside of C4SS—that this kind of language is deeply stigmatizing towards people living with psychopathy and other antisocial personality disorders and inherently ableist in general. These criticisms are 100% correct and I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart for not just using that language but embracing it so enthusiastically and wantonly. Andrew has also written an apology that can be found on the C4SS website titled “An Apology to the Neurodivergent Community.” I have no excuses for this behavior. Particularly as someone who is neurodivergent and suffers from mental health problems myself, I should have known better. In addition to removing the episode from public listing (while leaving it accessible so as not to try and erase our mistake), I want to promise—to both our audience and the broader neurodivergent community—that going forward as the host of The Enragés, I will be more responsible and inclusive with my language. Finally, I want to echo the point made by Maxx Crow that “in order to be an anarchist, you must be not just anti-racist, not just anti-sexist, but also be anti-ableist, to include everyone who’s part of the struggle.” Thank you to everyone who has helped hold us accountable. I hope you enjoy this latest episode.

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