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Apology from The Enragés
[Hear Eric Fleischmann’s apology on this episode of The Enragés] In the very first episode of The Enragés that I hosted, I interviewed Andrew Kemle on his article “Libertarianism versus Psychopathic Dumbfuckery,” in which he criticizes the destructive pandemic policies of so-called libertarian politicians like Rand Paul as being similar to psychopathy. It was soon after pointed…
An Apology to the Neurodivergent Community
Spooky has rightfully criticized me for utilizing obscene and ableist language in my article “Libertarianism vs Psychopathic Dumbfuckery.” I am deeply, deeply sorry to the neurodivergent community for the crass, thoughtless, and harmful language that I used. I’ve caused harm to people who are already marginalized in society, and there are no excuses for that. …
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