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An Apology to the Neurodivergent Community
Spooky has rightfully criticized me for utilizing obscene and ableist language in my article “Libertarianism vs Psychopathic Dumbfuckery.” I am deeply, deeply sorry to the neurodivergent community for the crass, thoughtless, and harmful language that I used. I’ve caused harm to people who are already marginalized in society, and there are no excuses for that. …
New Year, New Focus
As my listeners may have noticed, there has not been a new episode of the Green Market Agorist podcast this month. This is because Green Market Agorist will be taking a backseat for the time being as I focus on other projects. Dont worry! The podcast isn’t over! It’s not even officially on hiatus so…
Podcast Update: New Episodes, New Schedule, and a Brand New Show!
Hello podcast fans! I’m excited to share that our podcast network continues to grow. This is largely thanks to the loyalty and support of our listeners, supporters on Patreon, and friends of the Center. So thanks!! This support not only allows us to keep making great programs like Mutual Exchange Radio and The Enrages, but it…
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