New Year, New Focus

As my listeners may have noticed, there has not been a new episode of the Green Market Agorist podcast this month. This is because Green Market Agorist will be taking a backseat for the time being as I focus on other projects. Dont worry! The podcast isn’t over! It’s not even officially on hiatus so much as it will be switching to a much more sporadic schedule.

There are many reasons for this. Things have become a lot busier in my personal life and trying to schedule guest interviews for each month is a lot of work to keep up with right now. I am so behind that I have not even made the switch from Anchor to Libsyn like I promised months ago. Switching to a more sporadic schedule allows me to schedule cool interviews that I think are relevant to the podcast while making sure that those individual interviews are of a higher quality. This also allows me the time to finally switch things over to being hosted on Libsyn alongside the rest of the C4SS podcasting network and add transcriptions for each episode to make them more accessible.

Switching to a more sporadic schedule also allows me to put more focus back into my writing and prepare for the 3rd year of Coup de Gras, our yearly anarchist Mardi Gras festival in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. Be sure to keep an eye out on here for more upcoming writing of mine and be sure to check out to buy your tickets to Coup de Gras 3: Tammany Drift today!

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