The Enragés: Psychopathic Dumbfuckery with Andrew Kemle
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[This episode has been removed from public listing. See Andrew’s apology here and Eric’s apology here.]

For the 15th episode/14th installment of The Enragés, host Eric Fleischmann met with Andrew Kemle (@SadKemle) to discuss Andrew’s article titled Libertarianism vs Psychopathic Dumbfuckery or The Difference between Libertarianism and Psychopathic Dumbfuckery ( 

Andrew is a master’s student in Political Science at the University of Calgary, specializing in Political Theory, Political Economy, and Comparative Politics. His major focus right now is on Jurgen Habermas’s conceptualization of the “public sphere” and the ways in which it does and does not intersect with anarchist political philosophy.

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