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Mutual Exchange Radio: Gary Chartier & Charles Johnson on “Markets Not Capitalism” 10 Years On
For the 10-year anniversary of what many would consider our foundational book, C4SS Mutual Exchange Coordinator Cory Massimino interviewed Markets Not Capitalism editors Charles Johnson and Gary Chartier. They discuss the legacy and impact of MNC ten years on! If you’ve not read it, you can find the free .pdf and audiobook at: c4ss.org/content/12802 Plus,…
The Enragés: Libertarian Anticapitalism with Rad Geek
For the ninth installment of The Enragés, host Joel Williamson met with Rad Geek to discuss his left-libertarian classic article titled “Libertarian Anticapitalism.”  Rad Geek (Charles Johnson) is an individualist anarchist technologist and “sometimes writer”, living in the Deep South. He researches topics in the history and theory of radical individualism, left-libertarianism, and market anarchism,…
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