Cory Massimino on Non Serviam Podcast: “Do Presidents Read Books?”

C4SS fellow, Cory Massimino, was recently on the Non Serviam Podcast to cover the all important question: “Do Presidents Read Books?”

Summary from Non Serviam: 

Returning from hiatus, the Non Serviam Podcast is back for a 37th episode! Now with long-time friend of the collective Lucy Steigerwald in the hot seat. Lucy is an accomplished writer and a self-described market-anarchist, feminist, and history nerd. Lucy is Contributing Editor at, and you may also know Lucy from her writings at FEE, Vice, Reason, or her blogs;, and

For our first episode back, Lucy forced previous guest and market-anarchist Cory Massimino back onto the show and into an interview about everything from American Politics, to Ukraine, to Batman. If you don’t know Cory yet, he is a student of Philosophy and Economics with a focus on Anarchism, Market Processes, and Virtue Ethics.

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Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory