The Revolutionary Forces

“Anarchism rejects any form of the domination of the man by man, and no form of the exploitation of man by man, since it tackles all forms of authority:

  • Political authority: the State.
  • Economic authority: Property.
  • Moral authority: Fatherland, Religion, Family.
  • Legal authority: Courts, Laws and Police Force.

All the (authoritarian) social forces receive the vigorous and incisive blows that the anarchists attack them with. Anarchism, indeed, is against all oppressions, all constraints, it does not assign any limit to its action… From where do humanity’s sufferings come? … I put side the inherent suffering that arises from nature itself, but all the other sufferings, all the other pain has to due with bad social organization… Here is what the anarchist says to the oppressed, to the suffering ones.” — Sébastien Faure, The Revolutionary Forces

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