“I Don’t See Class” on Feed 44

C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “I Don’t See Class” read by Tony Dreher and edited by Nick Ford.

“See, welfare — like racism and sexism — is welfare, regardless of who receives it. Welfare for giant corporations is morally equivalent to welfare for poor people. Structural issues of class and economic privilege have absolutely nothing to do with it. We’re all just individuals here. “I don’t see class.”

Well, no. A giant corporation is not morally equivalent to a family on food stamps. The distribution of wealth and income in this society, and the control over economic decision-making, isn’t just the way things happened to end up. Capitalism — in the sense of the historic economic system that has prevailed in the West for the past several centuries — was established on robbery and enclosure of land, the colonization and enslavement of most of the planet, and totalitarian social controls on the free movement and free association of the working class. The distribution of land and mineral wealth around the world still largely reflects this legacy of robbery. And the state was intimately involved in creating the structure of the corporate economy from the mid-19th century on, and actively encouraging the concentration of economic power under the control of a few giant corporations.

The ongoing role of the state is to enforce all the monopolies that siphon off wealth from the poor and transfer it as rents to the rich.”

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