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The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 26
Ahmad Barqawi discusses why the Arab League should be dissolved. Binoy Kampmark discusses the military dictatorship in Egypt. Roberta A. Modugno discusses the Levellers. Lucy Steigerwald discusses how the War on Drugs is literal. James Bovard discusses USDA’s regulation of raisin production and distribution. Ryan McMaken discusses Ron Paul, Richard Cobden, and the risky nature…
Identification Totalitarianism
People who did not turn up for the “biometric relisting,” which ocurred in several Brazilian cities, summoning about 14 million voters, will lose their voter registration cards, their ability to enroll in public education institutions, to benefit from welfare programs or to apply for public jobs. They will not even be able to do such…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 25
Ivan Eland discusses U.S. security agencies. Uri Avnery discusses changing the Israeli flag. Eric Sommer discusses why journalists have blood on their hands. Patrick Cockburn discusses Saudi Arabia’s regret over supporting terrorism. Robin Philpot discusses Rwanda. Matt Peppe discusses terrorism directed against Cuba. Jacob G. Hornberger discusses treating people like garbage. Sheldon Richman discusses the…
Campaign Finance Reform is Small Change
Here we go again: The US Supreme Court has relaxed some political contribution limits. Cue the hype. Last year, 2013, was the first year of the 2014 campaign cycle. Question #1: How much did federal elected officials spend on their 2014 campaigns last year? Answer:  At least $3.45 trillion — a little over $6.4 billion…
The Classism and Ignorance of Liberals
The following article was written by Melanie Pinkert and published on her blog Broadsnark, March 17, 2014. We are honored to have Melanie’s permission to feature it on C4SS. This photo came from “Being Liberal” on Facebook. My friend posted it with some comments about how problematic it is for liberals to denigrate the rural poor who are then…
Voting – Government – Slavery And War
MR. EDITOR: [by "B"] The discussion which occurred between Mr. Burleigh and Rev. Mr. Kimball, at the recent meeting at Framingham, though brief, was quite interesting and suggestive, and I had hoped to see the subject more particularly alluded to in THELIBERATOR. A doubt as to the correctness of Mr. Burleigh’s position occurred to me, which perhaps will need…
The Worthlessness Of Representative Democracy: A Local Case Study
I’m alternately amused and exasperated by the constant refrain of calls to “Vote Harder!” from Progressive Democrats (the kind of people who use the #UniteBlue hashtag on Twitter). During the 2008 campaign Barack Obama made the most left-populist noises of any Democratic candidate in generations, and won by a landslide almost as big as LBJ’s…
If 99% Of Us Showed Up To Vote?
“So, what would happen if 99% of us got together and showed up to vote?” Ha, ha, it’s a trick question. If 99% of us got together and showed up to vote, 73,760,300 of us (= 23.5%) would be told to go to hell because they’re under 18, about 22,500,000 (= 7%) of us would…
Vote Harder: The Barack Obama Story
In theater productions of Peter Pan, there’s a scene where Tinkerbell is dying. Peter exhorts the audience to clap their hands to save her. If everyone just claps harder and says “I believe in fairies!” Tink will be restored to life by the power of faith and love. Progressive calls to defeat corporate power and…
The Declaration of Independence in American
WHEN THINGS get so balled up that the people of a country got to cut loose from some other country, and go it on their own hook, without asking no permission from nobody, excepting maybe God Almighty, then they ought to let everybody know why they done it, so that everybody can see they are…
Demagogy on Manchin-Toomey
Richman: This is not paranoia. It’s a recognition of the dynamics of demagogic politics.
El Capitalismo de Rescate, Episodio 34721: Chipre
D’Amato: “[C]uando la crisis y el desastre inevitablemente caen sobre las economías adulteradas y corporatistas, siempre se pretende que sea el pueblo el que le saque las papas del fuego a los políticos y sus patrones corporativos.”
Bailout Capitalism, Episode 34721: Cyprus
D’Amato: [W]hen crisis and disaster inevitably befall [the] doctored, corporatist economy, it is the whole populace which is expected to bail out the policymakers and their corporate masters.
Antiharmonism and the Betrayal of Liberty
Neil M. Tokar: The lesson is don’t work through the system or with members of the ruling class because there is a high probability of getting stabbed in the back by the phony “liberty” alliance member.
Statism and the Illusion of Choice
Sebastian A.B.: Voters place their hope in God-Kings called Presidents, expecting sociopaths to lift them out of servitude. An introductory buckshot critique of the most holy word, “democracy,” or Hans-Herman Hoppe’s “god that failed.”
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James M. Buchanan, RIP
Gary Chartier: Buchanan thought of himself as a classical liberal and an Austrian economist — but neither a leftist nor an anarchist. But that doesn’t mean left-wing market anarchists don’t have important lessons to learn from him …
What is a Libertarian?
An early debate between the left and right types.
Dear Conservative America
It’s best that you forget both conservatism and elections altogether. Your core values are best advanced by converting to and promoting anarchism, thereby situating yourself as a part of the radical left.
In The End Nobody Wins
Morgenstern: And, like it or not, more and more people are becoming nobodies.