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Visions of a Techno-Leviathan: The Politics of the Bitcoin Blockchain

“Visions of a Techno-Leviathan: The Politics of the Bitcoin Blockchain” was written by Brett Scott and published with E-International Relations. We are honored to have Brett Scott‘s permission to feature his article on C4SS. Feel free to connect with Scott through twitter: @Suitpossum and check out his blog: The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money In Kim Stanley […]

It’s Not the Technology That Causes “Technological Unemployment”

Discussions of technological change in the media are generally coupled with discussions of technological unemployment and the increasing polarization of wealth. A good example is a piece by Eduardo Porter in the New York Times (“Tech Leaps, Job Losses and Rising Inequality,” April 15). Amid talk of all the technological wonders issuing from Silicon Valley, […]

Entrepreneurial Anti-Capitalism: Radical Mesh Networking

Net Neutrality is dead. An unstable equilibrium that’s persisted as the default since the 90s, wherein ISPs and telcoms route all ip packets the same without regard for content, origination or destination, the potential for censorship and chilling effects in the current oligarchical environment is a serious concern. However anarchists have long seen this day […]

Guns: Out of the Bottle, Like it or Not

I saw my first “homemade gun” when I was a kid. Older kids — teenagers — would save up the 4th of July fireworks known (for obvious reasons) as “bottle rockets” and play “war” with them: Stick the firework in a glass soda bottle (this was back when soda came in glass bottles that one […]

Proprietà Comune, Potere Comune

Scrive la Reuters che quest’anno la corte suprema degli Stati Uniti sarà chiamata a decidere sul più alto numero di casi riguardanti la proprietà intellettuale (PI) di tutta la storia. I giudici sono chiamati a decidere su otto casi: sei riguardano brevetti e due riguardano diritti di copia. Un vero e proprio segno dei tempi. […]

Future Of Bitcoin “In Doubt?” I Doubt It. On C4SS Media

C4SS Media presents Thomas L. Knapp‘s “Future Of Bitcoin “In Doubt?” I Doubt It.” read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford. “The only entities and organizations with anything to fear from Bitcoin and its offspring are governments (which rely on the ability to tax) and the political class (including pseudo-”private” parasites who make their livings sucking […]

Common Property, Common Power On C4SS Media

C4SS Media presents Grant Mincy‘s “Common Property, Common Power,” read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford. “What we are seeing is social power at work. The courts, legislature and special interests are powerless in the new public arena. The liberated market is not interested in the ownership of ideas, but rather progress, innovation and co-operative labor. […]

Il Futuro di Bitcoin “in Dubbio”? Ne Dubito.

Un articolo sincero sul collasso di Mt. Gox, il mercato dei cambi di Bitcoin, suonerebbe più o meno così: “Ehi! Il mercato dei cambi più importante di Bitcoin è scomparso nel nulla… e invece di collassare, i Bitcoin ancora si vendono a 500 dollari! Una moneta robusta, con grandi capacità di ripresa! Un successo! Grande! […]

Common Property, Common Power

Reuters reports that this year the United States Supreme Court will hear its highest proportion of intellectual property (IP) cases in history. The justices are set to decide eight cases on IP — six on patent laws and two on copyright. A sign of the times, really. In a world of open source content and the […]

O futuro do Bitcoin é “incerto”? Eu duvido

Uma cobertura jornalística mais razoável do colapso do Mt.Gox, um dos maiores mercados de Bitcoin, seria mais ou menos assim: “Uau! Um dos maiores mercados de Bitcoin da internet acaba de desaparecer e, em vez de entrar em colapso, o Bitcoin ainda é comercializado por cerca de US$ 500! Que moeda robusta e resistente! Que […]

Future Of Bitcoin “In Doubt?” I Doubt It.

Sane news coverage of Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox‘s collapse would look something like this: “Wow! The Internet’s largest Bitcoin exchange just vanished into thin air … and instead of collapsing, Bitcoin is still trading at about $500! What a robust, resilient currency! What a success story! Wow! Wow!” Sanity in news coverage? Well, not so much. […]

A Market For Sabotage

In the 19th and early 20th century, anarchism was in many ways making strides into mainstream culture and thought. It was not through theory that this occurred, but rather through immediate expressions of one’s autonomy. This revolutionary method was known as direct action. Direct action emphasizes the right or duty of each individual to insist on the […]

Building Creative Commons: The Five Pillars Of Open Source Finance

“Building Creative Commons: The Five Pillars of Open Source Finance” was written by Brett Scott and published on his blog The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money. We are honored to have Brett Scott‘s permission to feature his article on C4SS. Feel free to connect with Scott through twitter: @Suitpossum. AHOY, THERE BE A CLOSED […]

Pietre dagli Agenti del Bene, Polemiche dal Pubblico

Glenn Broadnax, di Brooklyn, New York, soffriva di ansia e depressione. Secondo i documenti recentemente resi pubblici dal tribunale, il pomeriggio del 14 settembre stava “parlando con i suoi parenti morti che erano nella sua testa”, una cosa che lo spingeva a “buttarsi davanti alle auto per uccidersi”. Poiché intralciava il traffico, arrivò la polizia. […]

Kalashnikov Is Dead; Long Live The Kalashnikov!

Sad news today of the death of Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of the iconic AK-47. Designed by then-sergeant Kalashnikov, a wounded Red Army conscript, in response to what he saw as the inadequate weapons he was issued, the AK-47 has become the most popular rifle in the world, seeing use in virtually every armed conflict since. […]

Tirate Fuori i Droni!

Quando si parla di droni, l’atteggiamento della maggior parte dei futuristi libertari è il pessimismo. I droni sono generalmente visti in un più ampio scenario tecno-fascista, come l’egemonia USA (fatta di laser orbitanti e robot soldato telecomandati dall’ONU) immaginata dallo scrittore Ken Macleod nella sua serie Rivoluzione d’Autunno. La tentazione è comprensibile. Dopotutto i droni (combinati con operazioni […]

Hot Rocks From The Peacekeepers, Polemics From The Public

Glenn Broadnax of Brooklyn, New York, suffers from anxiety and depression. According to recently released court documents, on the evening of September 14th he was “talking to dead relatives in his head,” which led him to try “throwing himself in front of cars to kill himself.” As he disrupted traffic, police arrived. Broadnax reached his hand into […]

Why They Really Fear Bitcoin

“[Bitcoin]‘s a bubble,” asserts Alan Greenspan — who, as chair of the US Federal Reserve, oversaw a 77.5% inflation of the US dollar. Greenspan asserts that “you have to really stretch your imagination to infer what the intrinsic value of Bitcoin is. I haven’t been able to do it.” Somehow, however, he can stretch his […]

A “Challenge for Regulators?” That’s the Whole Point, Senator Moran!

The Lawrence, Kansas Journal-World‘s Peter Hancock writes that US Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) finds Bitcoin “a difficult subject” (“Senator says ‘Bitcoins’ are challenge for regulators,” November 25th). And in certain respects Moran is correct. Encrypted digital currencies do imply a technical learning curve for users (and presumably for creators). It seems pretty obvious, though, that what […]

The New Silk Road

Today we can celebrate the recent relaunch of the Silk Road drug market, named for a predecessor taken down over a month ago by federal agents for its connection with an alleged assassination conspiracy involving alleged founder Ross Ulbricht. The FBI is attempting to tie Ulbricht to the online identity of the Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR), an entrepreneur […]